How To Trust Yourself: With Easy To Understand Examples

trust yourself

Do you ever wonder… Do I trust myself?

In our sometimes frantic world, self-trust often feels elusive. We chase approval from others, while forgetting to seek approval from ourselves.

As a life coach, executive coach, and soul coach, I’ve found 7 ways to grow trust in yourself.

You’re here because you want a better relationship with yourself… with more self-trust.

Let’s look at how to grow greater trust in yourself.

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How to trust yourself

Ultimately, you will build self trust and build self confidence as you do the following.

  • Develop a more positive self-concept.
  • Be your authentic self.
  • Grow resilience in challenges.
  • Build healthier relationships.
  • Stop the self-criticism.
  • Increase your motivation to grow.
  • Don’t let outside factors get in the way.

Self trust examples

Use the following examples of self-trust to determine areas you can trust yourself more.

NOTE: Even though you may not trust yourself in these areas yet, as you grow confidence in these areas, you’ll trust yourself more.

  • Trust that you know when you need time and space.
  • Trust that you know who is good for you.
  • Trust that you know what you need to feed your soul.
  • Trust that you know yourself very well because you’ve been living in your own skin!
  • Trust that you know how you feel!
  • Trust your own feelings and instincts.
  • Trust that you know your own level of sensitivity and you can arrange your life accordingly.
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Now, let’s jump into how you can trust yourself more!

1. Develop a more positive self-concept 

Self-trust usually means that you have a positive self-image. You accept yourself, the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

When you love and accept yourself for who you are, your true self, you’re more likely to feel greater peace with yourself, which can lead to greater trust of yourself.

To develop a positive self-concept, there’s the inner work of finding yourself that grows trust in yourself.

Your physical and mental health improves as you grow self compassion and trust your inner voice.

The more confidence you have, the more you’ll trust yourself.

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2. Be your authentic self

When you love yourself, you’re more committed to living your truth, living authentically… and this builds self-trust.

The self love journey means that you’re showing up authentically in all areas of your life.

A soulful person is committed to one’s truth and deeper meaning and has self compassion.

As you commit to being authentic, you’re more likely to be happy because you’re doing what you enjoy, you’re self-compassionate, and you give yourself enough space.

3. Grow resilience 

When you have strong self-worth and feel deep compassion for yourself, you’re better equipped to deal with life’s inevitable challenges and setbacks. 

I teach high-vibe thinking in healthcare to help clinicians with well-being and resilience.

As you see that you can handle what life throws your way, it can lead to increased emotional well-being and greater trust in yourself.

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4. Build healthier relationships

As you have healthier relationships, with people who trust themselves, you’re more likely to trust yourself.

You’ll attract soulmate connections.

And you’ll make choices that are in alignment with your values and surround yourself with good people

Positive people with good vibes are more likely to bring out the best in you and increase your overall trust in yourself.

5. Stop self-criticism

Positive self talk is a must to build self trust.

That rhymes… so you know it’s true.

When you have less self-criticism and negative self-talk, you feel better about yourself.  Positive self-talk is necessary for a trusting relationship with yourself.

So you trust you won’t throw yourself under the bus!

In What You Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. he writes, “The brain simply believes what you tell it most. And what you tell it about you, it will create. It has no choice.”

As you’re kinder and more forgiving about your mistakes, you’re less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors that can lead to unhappiness.

Self-forgiveness creates greater trust.

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6. Increase your motivation to grow

Self-trust can be a big motivator for personal growth and self-discovery.

When you love yourself, you may be more likely to care about personal well-being and pursue your goals. 

When you believe you deserve love, you’re more likely to be motivated to try new things because you’re willing to fail to express yourself fully.

Without proper motivation, we can stagnate.

7. Don’t let outside factors get in the way of you trusting yourself

Self doubt often comes from letting the outside world tell you who you are.

In my course, Something More, the road to finding yourself includes finding self-love and your own identity.

Self trust is an element of self-love.

There are 12 Principles of Metamorphosis and the eleventh principle is Love Yourself. 

However, while self-love is important, we also need some structure in our lives that support us like the support of friends and family, financial stability, and having access to resources that support mental health.  

Self-love alone may not bring happiness when your external situation is challenging. 

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By Diane de Ferran

Life satisfaction

According to the American Psychological Association, life satisfaction “is the extent to which a person finds life rich, meaningful, full, or of high quality.”

This practically defines soulfulness

As you grow in self-love, you’re more likely to find happiness. Here are 7 ways that Self-love contributes to happiness. 

Beware of overthinking

In coaching people for over 25 years one common mistake people make is overthinking their lack of happiness. 

However, we transform our lives by feeling our way through life while thinking high-quality. 

That’s the secret sauce.

Feel. Heal. Think high vibe

When we overthink our problems we can get stuck.

Overthinking is a waste of your time!

Then again, if you feel the need to think, think, think and process things over in your mind, then that’s where you’re at!  That’s what you’ve gotta do!

However, as you grow in self-love and emotionally heal your life, you have less patience for overthinking.

Overthinking situations and conversations is a sign of nervousness and low self confidence about those situations IMHO! 

Overthinking relationships can be a sign that the relationship is not working for you or that you need to become more confident.

Instead, lean into the emotion in a way that feels safe and secure. 

The soul is here to heal and grow. And as you do so, you help heal the planet! 

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Do the inner work

Do the emotional and personal work. There’s no easier way to say it. 

Show up each day for healing your life and you will trust yourself more.

Here’s a framework I’ve created for doing the work for finding yourself.   

Even though the article is about finding yourself again after loss, the same four stages apply: 1. Embark on an inner quest to your true self, 2. See yourself clearly. 3. Feel what is real. 4. Be who you’re meant to be.

Here’s how to do a higher-self meditation practice to help you know what inner work you need.

Mental health considerations

Mental health is an expansive and complicated topic, but mental health can be served by taking care of your deeper needs for love, security, and connection.

There’s no magic pill for finding happiness.

However, a regular spiritual practice keeps you grounded and focused on your connection to a large universe that has your highest good and greatest healing in mind.  This kind of connection with the world can 100% increase happiness levels.

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My dream job…

Trust yourself… additional strategies

Here are some additional strategies you can use to increase trust in yourself.. 

Pay attention to your emotions

We are emotional beings

And even though some emotions sting and make us feel horrible, the only way past is through

So, build your tolerance for being about to feel your emotions fully and release them

Emotions are the body’s way of telling us to take care of our energy. 

If you’re sad, take time to be alone, quiet, and soothe yourself. Or, be with people you trust and talk with them about it. (If they feel safe to you.)

If you’re angry, express it in constructive ways like journaling for self-love, writing a letter that you’ll shred, punching a bag, speaking your truth, etc. 

And, when you’re afraid… try asking yourself: What am I afraid of? 

Then ask: Is this situation I’m afraid of likely to happen… or not? 

Is the thing you dread, fear, and worry about something you can take action on? 

Facing your fears in this way can help calm you and mobilize you into action. 

Sometimes fear is helpful in getting you DO something.  Other times fear is an energy drain that’s not serving you. 

Practice an attitude of gratitude

As I’ve written in my post, How to Create an Attitude of Gratitude for a Better Life, practicing gratitude will help you enjoy life.

An attitude of gratitude is spending time thinking about all of the people, situations, circumstances, etc. that you’re thankful for.

I suggest a gratitude journal to remind you of all the things that you’re grateful for in your life.

Furthermore, gratitude can shift negative emotions like fear. And fears younger cousins: anxiety, worry, and nervousness!

Emotions are energy and gratitude is higher vibration than fear.

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Get inspired!

Put inspirational material often.  Read books that boost and empower you and help you feel positive emotions.

Do things that help you vibe with others! I suggest to client to make a happy list!

Spending time reading content that boosts self esteem and creates lower stress is very helpful!

Like this article for example!

trust yourself

Embrace self-care

Prioritize self-care activities that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

This includes getting plenty of rest, enough sleep, eating healthy, exercising, and managing stress.

Self care needs to be one of your habits, not just a week a year! And, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting enough sleep.

Remember, you can’t help those you love from an empty cup! In my experience, happier people have regular self-care routines.

NOTE: If you’re struggling with persistent negative thinking and your self esteem is low, consider speaking with a therapist or counselor. I’m a big fan of therapy. Professionals can provide additional guidance for your mental health.

Spend time with family and friends

Your relationships with friends and family play a significant role in your happiness.

Spend time with people who support you and bring out your best. Relationships can lift your mood and increase your sense of belonging.

Don’t spend money on things you don’t need

Spending money to fill a void within you will cause more unhappiness. More money will not automatically make you happy!

Nothing will drain your happiness more than not having enough money. Note I’m saying “enough money”.  This doesn’t mean a lot of money… but enough to pay your bills and have extra to care your yourself and your responsibilities.  

Site an authority about stress over money… Blank says, that money stress is a zap to happiness more than about any other stressor. 

So the advice here is to not spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need. 

Spending too much money can be a clue that you’re distracting from something important. So take a closer look at why you might be doing so.

Buying a lot of material things to fill an inner void will not create a happy life!

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Final thoughts

Trusting yourself is an important aspect of self-love and part of fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Focus on the good, on growing self love, and doing things that grow self-love.

Plus, add healthy habits and a daily routine that foster self-compassion.

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