I am stuck! 5 Reasons And How to Unstick

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You’re thinking… I am stuck!

Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re stuck in one place and not moving forward.

As a life coach for decades, I’ve helped people all over the world find themselves.

You feel stuck and you are seeking ways out!

In this article I will explore reasons you’re stuck… and of course, answers come from understanding WHY you are stuck. Let’s go!

Feeling… I am stuck?

Here are five very good reasons you feel stuck.

  • Surface level living
  • There’s a situation that’s overwhelming
  • Fear is taking over
  • You don’t own your true nature
  • Self-doubt is rearing it’s ugly head
feel stuck, feeling stuck, stuck

Reasons you feel stuck in life

You feel stuck in life and with good reason! And, you want to get unstuck.

1. Surface level living

You may feel stuck because you don’t know your true nature. You don’t know who you are.

You’re stuck in never never land thinking that you are your possessions, your popularity, what others think, your looks, your personality…

Well, that’s not who you are.

This is surface level living.

Is this going on in your life and to what extent?

How much of your energy goes into the surface of your life?

It’s time to know your true self.

2. There’s a situation that’s overwhelming

Sometimes we have something going on that’s just too darn much.

When my husband got sick and I was dealing with grief, my son’s grief, and so much more that I couldn’t figure anything out.

I was stuck.

I needed to grieve my huge and devastating loss.

Do you have any major losses (or not so major, but it’s still a loss) that you haven’t fully dealt with?

Old, unhealed losses can be like a weight you’re carrying around and causing you to feel stuck.

Emotional release techniques are important for helping you be free of accumulated emotional energy that’s heavy.

3. Fear is taking over

Is fear running your life?

For some reason… do you live with constant worry and fear?

Fear causes brain fog.

We can’t see clearly when we’re afraid, and it’s even worse when we’re terrified.

4. You don’t own your true nature

Often when you feel stuck, it’s because you’re living inauthentically.

And on a soul level, you know it.

You’re feeling stuck, maybe because you’re not being true to yourself.

You know you feel stuck when you notice yourself being easily aggravated, overly aggressive, tired, or complacent.

You just can’t go forward and you feel guilty about it.

Self awareness is key when you’re stuck in life.

If your true self or soul is not being expressed, and you’re holding back, then of course you’re going to feel defeated.

The true self needs expression.

Being true to yourself will inevitably help you feel less stuck, more mobilized, and feeling more like yourself.

As you give yourself what you need, positive feelings will arise: aliveness, enjoyment, excitement, and of course… happiness.

Let soulfulness be your north star. 

feel stuck, feeling stuck, stuck,

5. Self doubt is rearing it’s ugly head

If you’re afraid of taking on a new challenge, because you don’t have the self-esteem to step into the unknown.

You need more confidence.

It’s essential in life that we leave our comfort zone to be able to have the life that’s meant for us.

We’re meant to push ourselves on the job and in our relationships… we must take a first step to make progress.

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Ways to stop feeling stuck

There are tried and true methods I’ve recommended to coaching clients for many years.

These methods work… just find the one that works for you.

Please note, deeper truths take time to uncover.

So, be patient with yourself.

Here are strategies you can use to get unstuck and back on track with your life…

Focus on the soul’s deep needs

The soul must be nourished.

We do that by living soulfully.

Life is about learning and growth and making the world better with our unique talents, gifts, heart, and perspective!

In Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul, he speaks beautifully about the importance of connecting with this deep aspect of yourself.

He writes about using imagination, acknowledging your shadow, patience, and so much more. I highly recommend this visionary book if you’re interested in your soul. 

feel stuck, feeling stuck, stuck

Step Back

If you’ve ever been in therapy, then you know that sometimes we’re too close to the problem to see what’s really going on.

This is why it’s important to step back and get a broader perspective.

Step away for a few days.

Do something that gets your mind completely off of it…. then come back to it.

This technique alone can work wonders.

Brainstorm Solutions

I love brainstorming.

And mind-mapping is a technique that helps me get out of my logical brain and into my creative side.

Or, just write ideas down… no special order or format, just write!

Don’t censor yourself AT ALL

That’ll shut down your brain.

Instead… let the great ideas flow onto the page or your journal.

Get Inspired

Look to others for inspiration… like this self-help, spiritual blog!

Read books, listen to podcasts, or seek out mentors and friends who have faced similar challenges.

Sometimes when we’re stuck… we need someone else’s fresh thoughts to jolt us from our stuckness.

Break It Down Into Pieces

Tony Robbins calls it chunking...

To take your problem and break it into manageable parts, so you’re not so overwhelmed.

Tackling one small step at a time can make the overall challenge seem less overwhelming

And that alone can unstick you!

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Try a totally different idea

If you’re stuck in a rut, try something you’d not normally try!

If you always stay home… go out!

If you always interrupt people… listen.

Remember when George on Seinfeld did everything the opposite and he turned his failure with women into success?

Shake things up by trying something new.

Ask someone else

Don’t waste too much time trying to solve a problem on your own…

Don’t do it!

Instead, seek help from others who can fast forward you to a solution.

Hire a consultant, a counselor, a professional, a friend who has expertise… but get out of your head and turn to others who know more than you do.

Also, joining a support group can be very supportive.

Self care

One obvious thing to do when you’re feeling stuck is better self care.

Self care is especially important when you’re feeling stuck or down on yourself.

I’ve written two extensive articles.. one on self-care activities and another on spiritual self-care.

Add to that is my article on embracing soul care.

feel stuck, feeling stuck, stuck in life, stuck

Final thoughts

Remember, being stuck is just a temporary setback.

By taking proactive steps to address the issue and staying open to new ideas and perspectives, you’ll soon find yourself moving forward once again.

So don’t give up on yourself. Ever!

And remember, don’t rush to have it all figured out.

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