Jeanne Nangle, shadow

Audio: I Believe in Myself – Dump Self-Doubt Now!

This audio by Jeanne Nangle will help you affirm: I believe in myself. Here are affirmations for when you’re doubting yourself.

The audio length is 3 minutes. Listen each day and practice so that your self-talk will become more self-compassionate, self-honest, and self-loving.

Use these affirmations for when.. there’s something that you want to do, or be or accomplish, and you doubt that you can do it.

You doubt that you have what it takes. You’re filled with self-doubt, or you kind of vacillate back and forth between self confidence and then you completely doubt yourself.

If you’re thinking… I have this thing that I know that I want to do and I don’t know if I can, and that’s okay.

I’m going to allow for the part of me that isn’t quite sure that I can do this.

I’m going to allow for that.

I’m not going to judge that part of me or feel bad about that part of me.

But in addition to feeling that way, I am also going to allow the part of me that does believe I can, the part of me that gives me the desire to do it in the first place.

I believe in myself: Is this desire from the soul or ego?

I know that when I have the desire to do something, if it comes from a deeper place within me, a form of pure self-expression that comes from my own soul and my own inner being and still places within me… when I discover that it comes from that place, that it is something that it is meant to be.

And that is my responsibility to pay attention to it and nurture it and allow it to come into existence.

I believe in myself: Self-belief and confidence are built.

I will not doubt that part of me. I know that belief in myself and confidence can be built over time, and I remain open to what that looks like and what that feels like.

I will not close the doors to greater belief and greater confidence. Instead, I am asking for help to grow more confident and help to feel more certain of this thing that I want to do.

I believe in myself: I am letting go of self-doubt.

I am letting go of my self-doubt. I’m letting go of my need to be perfect.

I am letting go of my need for approval from others. I know that we all have different talents and different things that we’re supposed to do with our life.

I believe in myself: I am committed to using my life for good.

I am committed to doing with my life what I believe is best for me. And so I’m letting go of my fear of rejection and disapproval.

I believe in myself: I am doing my best.

I know that I’m doing my best, and I know that as I do it more and more, I become better and better at it. I embrace my ability to learn and grow and become better at something.

I believe in myself: Get better at something.

Not only do I feel excited to become better and better at something, and the only way that that happens is by me doing it and practicing it and putting myself out there, and diving into whatever it is that I am feeling drawn toward.

I believe in myself: I am showing up fully.

I am committed to showing up fully in my life, to showing up fully in this world as I’m created, as I’m designed to do.

I believe in myself more and more each and every day.

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