“I love you”, she heard herself say …

“I love you,”
she heard herself say.

She leaned into the stone,

and the stone moved its way.
In this stanza from The Butterfly Silhouette, the caterpillar has been struggling in a puddle, and she is stuck beneath a stone.
She’s scared and wonders if she’ll break free.
Who is she speaking to?
Herself?  God?  Someone else?  The universe?
The reader can decide.
For me … she felt love for herself and a higher power in that moment.
And this is one and the same.
When the caterpillar is stuck and can’t move and fears the end is near … she is no longer thinking.
And in this place the only words she utters are:  I love you.
She felt both loved and loving.
In those moments we KNOW we are so much more than our earthly experience.
We have an experience of loving in spite of
Ten years ago, I would NEVER have even used the term self-love, I would have found it cliche and dare I say it, self absorbed …
No longer.  Not a bit.
On a following page, after the caterpillar moved the stone:
She passed through a threshold,

as some creatures do.

In the puddle’s dark depths,

she learned what was true.
When we love ourselves despite being laid out in a puddle, underneath a stone …
THEN, we’ve found something precious.
Because lack of self-love keeps stones in our way.

And we need to move that stone:)