Is it OK to be sad?

Does this question sound ridiculous to you?

Please read further because … it’s not so ridiculous!

While being happy rocks, let’s not be too quick to avoid sadness.

It’s part of being a whole person.

If you’re sad about something, anything … your plant died, you miss an old friend, you miss your old body, your favorite TV show you’re serial watching is over … shoot man!

That’s flipping sad!

Sometimes sadness is painful. No doubt about it:(

And sometimes it isn’t.

Ignoring it or being unaware of it can build up inside.

Being available for whatever range of emotion is within you is part of being emotionally AWARE.

Are you making time for feelings that come up?

Please don’t use positive thinking to repress emotion.

That’s the road to future pain and heartache and body pain and your body breaking down.

The body and mind are intimately connected.

So if you’re feeling sad … it’s ok. Please make room for it.

Let it be.

Let it be.

Being human involves many emotions and when we make room for both, the body, mind and spirit thank us.

#self-love, #purpose

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