Listening to the little nudges.

Listen to those little nudges … they have to do with your purpose.

Often we don’t realize when the little nudges start … but they do. Then, one day we feel this curiosity … or even dissatisfaction, this kind of yearning for something more within ourselves, that’s been hibernating.

Maybe you feel like you are meant for more; like there’s something more you are going to do.

When you notice this feeling, please listen. This is an important part of you trying to get your attention: your own soul.

The soul is with us always … we already know this right?  But, it’s up to us to pay attention.

Those inner urges, thoughts, and longings are all part of your soul communicating what you need … and what your purpose is at THIS time.

Even if you’ve lived a few decades and have some life behind you, you may still have something else you’re meant to do … OR something you’re meant to continue doing.

Please don’t ignore this, because the world needs your experience, your perspective, your knowledge.

We want to live all out … until the last day.

#self-love, #purpose

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