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Maybe your gut is all wrong.

If you’ve been feeding your gut a steady diet of fear, then, maybe your gut is all wrong.
It takes grit.
However, how do we KNOW what we can trust?
Good question.
I have no idea.
Email me when you have the answer.
OK, not really…
So, here’s the answer:
You know what you can trust once you know who the hell you are.
Then, your inner knowing will be accurate. It really will.


I love the show Survivor.
There might even be an intervention performed by my sons because of how much I love this show.
There are 40 seasons.  Please don’t ask how many I’ve watched.
And I wish I had a dollar for how many of the players say:
I trust my gut.
I can ALWAYS trust my gut.
And then they get this all knowing look on their face like they know something we don’t.
Like they’re somehow anointed.
Then, they’re usually wrong.
Their gut was WAY off.
Like 99% of the time.
Yet, they believed their gut was SO right.
Give me a break.
However, it’s not totally their fault.
Society tell us: Trust your gut.
If you trust your gut, you’ll have the keys to the kingdom.
Not true.  Total BS.
Because what if your gut is one step from IBS?
(irritable bowel…)
What if your gut has been fed a steady diet of sugar and red meat?
Can you trust THAT gut?
You can’t feed your gut total garbage… and assume it’s all knowing.


However, we can trust ourselves when we’re true to ourselves.
Not just Saturday afternoons.
Show up for you.
If you’re putting in constant FEAR, please don’t trust your gut. 
So in summary…
You can trust yourself, and your gut, when you know who the hell you are.
And let the finding of you be as fun as the seeking.

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