Metamorphosis Course

12 Principles of Metamorphosis: A step by step process to love yourself and be who you’re meant to be.

You’re frustrated that you’re not moving forward on something you want.

An important and essential part of you is dormant.

You’re hurt and carrying something painful that happened.

You’ve had a large loss or life changing event and you’re still carrying part of it.

You know there’s something more inside you to bring out.

That feeling of something more within you… has been with you for a long time.

In Metamorphosis you’ll…

Commit to yourself.

You’ll push through self-doubt and fear to be and do what’s meant for you.

Have proven tools to mend your heart.

You’ll be given tools to ease your heart. Don’t worry, this work will be done independently.

Love yourself and be who you’re meant to be.

You’ll narrow down how the universe wants to use your talents and gifts.

Metamorphosis will meet you where you’re at …

The part of you that wants to fly. And the part of you that’s crawling on the ground. 

Metamorphosis will take you step by step through a proven process to self-love and who you’re meant to be. 

“Jeanne is a caring teacher.”
Jewel A.
“Jeanne is a great coach and helped me increase my confidence.”
Shelley J.
“Jeanne taught me how to stay in my heart.”
Anna P.

12 Video Training modules

$997 value!

Basically, in each video I walk you through my proprietary process, 12 principles of Metamorphosis, from my book: Metamorphosis (coming out in 2023). In the Metamorphosis Course: Be More you’ll find your true self.

Metamorphosis Course: Step into your destiny



$300 Value

In addition, self-loving self-talk will help you be more loving, accepting, and supportive of yourself in the Metamorphosis Course: Be More We judge ourselves constantly, and it’s a habit we can change and must change to be true to ourselves.

Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach, Metamorphosis course: step into your destiny



$200 value

Furthermore, manage emotional energy. You are meant to be happy and free! This bonus gives you skills to be free of emotional energy from the past.

metamorphosis course: Step into your Destiny, emotions, energy


What You’ll learn

Modules 1 thru 6

  • COMMIT – Committing to your destiny means that you’ll commit yourself to being who you’ve been designed to be. This universe has a plan for you.
  • ASK – You have a spirit team, ready and willing to help you. Connect with your spirit guides, or God, Source, Universe, nature, whatever it is for YOU, and rely on guidance.
  • NOTICE – As you pay attention to what’s beautiful and what’s working in your life, instead of focusing on negativity, your perspective transforms.
  • TALENTS – Look closer at your gifts and challenges and focus there. Trust yourself and the belief that the universe doesn’t waste a single thing! Your gifts are given to you for a reason and meant to be shared, somehow, some way.
  • SELF-COMPASSION – How to grow self-compassion. As you trust that your trials are part of your path to help you evolve.
  • TIME – To shift your perspective of your time and how you want to use it to make yourself and the world better.


What You’ll learn

Modules 7 thru 12

  • DROP – You learn tools and techniques to use for those times when you’re angry and hurt and need to retreat from the world. This is an important time for healing the mind, body, and soul.
  • THINK – Emotions are not logical, so analyzing them will not help you move on. Instead, you’ll learn high-vibe thinking™ skills so that your mental habits aren’t holding you back. Your thinking patterns must be strengthened to help you be who you’re meant to be. Old mind patterns are the major issue for many people.
  • GRIEF – By allowing yourself to be sad, you’re empowering yourself. When sad things happen, it’s self-respecting to be sad. You’ll learn how to navigate this heavy and necessary emotion, without staying buried in it.
  • STUCK – You will get stuck at some point. It’s part of the process. You’ll learn what to do next.
  • LOVE YOURSELF – How to love yourself through your regrets and self-rejection.
  • DESTINY – You’ll identify who you are meant to be and decide if you’ll fill your silhouette out, and fulfill your destiny.


The Metamorphosis Course has 12 VIDEO modules with about 36 videos. I recommend doing one module every two weeks at the most… so that you’re processing the ideas that are presented. This is deeper learning, not how to cook spaghetti!

Absolutely! The Metamorphosis Course: Be More modules are designed for you to pace yourself.  The lessons are short and easy to consume.  You have a life! Also, since the Metamorphosis Course is videos only, and you can watch them at your leisure.

This an online course where I guide you through the 12 Principles via training videos.  In addition, you’ll have access to the student-only audio program that will model for you emotional freedom and positive thinking, and PDF’s with key content to read. At the start of the course, you and I will have a one on one strategy call to focus you on what you need to be working on during the course.