Module Two: The Soul’s Power

You are directly connected to something bigger than you that has a loving and happy plan for your life … at some point!   Connecting with this each day is incredibly grounding and empowering.

Stepping into your soul’s power is stepping into YOUR FULL POTENTIAL  … and owning it.  And it comes naturally because it’s what you’re designed to doHowever, what comes naturally to us doesn’t necessarily come easily.

6 mins.

Our shadow side is what you hide from others.  It’s ok btw … you have every right to show what you want.  Who says we all have to reveal ourselves!  We can choose with whom and when we feel safe enough to reveal our shadow.  AND the soul loves to imagine … 

7 mins.

This lesson is a deeper dive into creating a day that feeds your soul.  NOTE:  Please don’t feel like you have to do ALL of the things I suggest in this video. Choose ONE … or TWO,  the main idea is to create a day that feels calm and supportive of YOU.

11 mins.