New Hopecore TikTok Trend: Gen X Parents Hope Too!


In our 24/7 screen ogling world, that’s filled with challenges and uncertainties, Generation Z is seeking hope and inspiration. 

Enter hopecore… a term that encapsulates a mindset, a movement, and a source of optimism in the face of doom and gloom. 

But what is hopecore, and how is it affecting our Gen Z children, ages 12 to 25? 

This article is for Gen X parents and Gen Z Tiktokers who want to understand the trend and how to apply it to their lives.

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When did hopecore start?

The Daily Beast, in their article How Gen Z TikTokers Replaced Doom Scrolling With Hopecore states that the trend started near the end of 2022.

The Daily Beast article explains, “In November, Khan decided to create his own video in this new genre, posting a 14-second slide show of uplifting messages overlaid on top of video footage of himself playing one of his original piano compositions. He captioned it “resist the dread,” and it became the first in his series of “anti-nihilism” TikToks that have since gained tens of thousands of views.”

Since then, videos have been posted regularly addressing concerns of early adulthood, the power of the human spirit, motivation to live fully, a focus on beauty, nature, and much more.


Defining Hopecore

Hopecore is a philosophy that hope is not just a passive emotion but an active force for change

The idea is… We aren’t just hoping things will change, we are changing the way we view ourselves and our future. 

It’s about cultivating optimism, resilience, and determination even in the darkest of times. 

Hopecore embraces the idea that through hope, individuals can find the strength to dream, forge ahead, and create a life that suits and feeds the soul.

What is doomscrolling?

If you’re a Gen X parent, you’ve probably heard the term: Doomscrolling. 

Doomscrolling refers to the habit of continuously scrolling through social media or news websites looking for negative or distressing information

It’s like driving by an auto accident on the freeway and hoping to see something horrible to tell your friends about.


Viral videos with doom and gloom

Doomscrolling involves compulsively consuming content related to disasters, tragedies, conflicts, and other alarming events, even when it negatively affects one’s mental well-being. 

Being drawn to negative images and tragic situations can be a head’s up that deeper emotions need to be addressed, processed, and healed.

Doomscrolling can lead to feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and hopelessness.

Life is hard enough… and while our children need to be prepared, they don’t need to be continually shown negative images and tragedy.

A constant stream of negative news is terrible for one’s mental health and wellbeing, young, old, or in between.

Thoughts are energy and those negative thoughts coming at you fast and furious will affect you physically.

high-vibe thinking™, self compassion, self-love

Hopecore shifts scrolling for doom and gloom

In the Hopecore trend, Tiktokers replaced doomscrolling with more hopeful intent.

It offers a deliberate shift in content consumption. 

While doomscrolling focuses on negative news and pessimistic ideas, hopecore encourages young people to seek out uplifting and positive content instead. 

By actively engaging with messages of hope, resilience, and kindness, individuals can break the cycle of consuming distressing information that often leads to feelings of anxiety and hopelessness associated with doomscrolling. 

Happy emotions are healthy

In my article, Quick and Easy Positive Emotions List… to Happily Face the Day, I explain that positive emotions are important for well-being.

In the article, I quote The National Institute of Health (NIH) website…

“But people need negative emotions to move through difficult situations and respond to them appropriately in the short term. Negative emotions can get us into trouble, though, if they’re based on too much rumination about the past or excessive worry about the future, and they’re not really related to what’s happening in the here and now.”

Overthinking negative situations is what I’ve observed in clients, associates, friends, and MYSELF… over the years.

It’s something we all do, but we can do it much, much less.

high-vibe thinking™, self compassion, self-love

Are marginalized communities represented?

While hopecore aims to promote positivity and uplift individuals from diverse backgrounds, some critics argue that it may not adequately represent people of color (POC) or those in marginalized communities.

Criticisms are that the trend’s imagery, narratives, and influencers predominantly feature white individuals, thereby marginalizing POC and their experiences.

I scrolled through hundreds of hopecore videos on TikTok… and I see how the trend may not be representing people of color as much as it could.

This was my initial impression.

Critics argue that hopecore, like many trends, can sometimes overlook the unique challenges faced by POC and fail to address systemic issues such as racism, discrimination, and social inequality. 

Additionally, there may be instances where POC voices are represented in a token manner, rather than genuinely empowered.

However, it’s essential to recognize that hopecore, like any trend, will hopefully evolve over time.

Articulate persons of color are speaking out on TikTok on this issue… and thankfully, there will be more. 

There are efforts within the hopecore community to amplify diverse voices and promote inclusivity actively… illustrating the power of social media. 

This highlights the importance of ongoing dialogue and intentional efforts to ensure that hopecore and similar movements genuinely represent and uplift individuals from all backgrounds

The hopefulness conversation

Gen X parents, here are ways you can support your Gen Z child or young adult in regard to this mentality trend.

We want to encourage young people to FEEL their emotions and not be buried by them.

Helping people learning high-vibe thinking™ is a personal mission of mine and I teach these concepts in healthcare.

For Gen Z, here are ways they can use the concept of hopefulness as an attitude in life.

So, how can you integrate hopecore into your daily life? Here are some practical tips:

1. Cultivate Gratitude

Take time each day to reflect on what you’re grateful for. An attitude of gratitude shifts your perspective faster than you can say “hope”.

2. Set Meaningful Goals 

Identify goals that align with your values and aspirations. 

Tony Robbins tells us to break them down into small chunks… a process he calls Chunking.  

For example, if you want to reorganize your kitchen, break it down into smaller goals that you’ll do one at a time.  Start with just the pantry. 

Now, go do something else. 

Then later or another day, organize the silverware drawer… then, the junk drawer!

3. Seek Support 

Surround yourself with positive influences and supportive individuals who uplift and inspire you.

There’s the old saying, If you lay with dogs, you come up with fleas. So, don’t lay with dogs!

4. Practice Self-Compassion

Be gentle with yourself on your journey.

Celebrate your successes, learn from your failures, and remember that setbacks are part of your soul’s purpose.

5. Think high-vibration

I cannot possibly publish an article on thinking trends on social media without mentioning high-vibe thinking™.

High-vibe thinking™ helps you support yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. While positive thinking is fine… it tends to encourage toxic positivity, with is harmful.

As you think as a whole person, with hurts, regrets, and a past, you feel and heal and help yourself be less afraid.

high-vibe thinking™, self compassion, self-love

Are nostalgic clips misleading?

Is watching nostalgic clips, animal videos, and soldiers returning home from war putting your head in the sand?

Well, that depends.

If you believe that the world is only these things, then you’ll be very mistaken. Clearly, we’re in a world with much pain and heartache.

Nonetheless, having optimism and hope is useful to keep us from giving up.

When life is challenging, sometimes we want to run and hide and understandably so.

So, entertainment that lifts our spirits and reminds us of our humanity can be helpful.

Optimism Amidst Challenges 

Hopecore encourages young and old alike to maintain an optimism about humanity and human life.  

In my work as a life coach for over 25 years, passionate about emotional wellbeing, it is healthy to allow the wide range of your emotions.

100%, it’s not just healthy, it’s necessary.

However, keeping your thinking high-quality is just as important. For example, building belief in yourself, building self-confidence, and growing self-love are ALL key to a healthy life.

The secret sauce is… to allow ALL emotions and feel what is real for you, while thinking high-vibration.

Final thoughts

If I were still 12 to 26, I’d certainly be looking for the generation before me to be encouraging… and tell me that my future has potential and happiness.

With so much negativity on social media, hopecore offers an alternative viewpoint.

By cultivating optimism, resilience, and determination, we can harness the power of hope to overcome adversity and create a brighter future for young people.

We must support our young people….and give them a bright vision for the future in the face of so much doom and gloom.

If you’re interested in being true to yourself and being soulful, visit me at https://jeannenangle.com

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