Overcoming self-doubt and stepping into our purpose.

How do we stop doubting ourselves, so our sweet little soul doesn’t deflate and roll into the gutter …
By believing and owning this:
What is within you … needs to come out.
That’s it.
You’re here to DO something.
Your soul … or your essential nature, or genius, or true self, your spirit …
Is as real and essential to your life as air.
And is here to do somethingparticular to you.
And it DOESN’T MATTER if others have done something similar.
And it doesn’t matter if it impacts one person, 100 people, or millions of people.
Each person has a different plan.
And, that’s not all of it!
It gets better.
When we love ourselves
We FEEL empowered.
And we feel our own depth.
This is key.
Us humans can get a bit murky.
And we get to be real with ourselves about our murkiness …
That’s right.
However, we DON’T have to bare our souls to other people.
We don’t need their approval.
We simply need to be honest with ourselves. 
So we can:
Step into our power.
Accept the deepest part of ourselves.
Believe in what’s possible for us over self-doubt.
Feel secure in who we are.
And much more …
It’s quite incredible …
Living with self-love and purpose …
#self-love, #purpose

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