Personal, actionable Soul Secret Sauce Audit 🤩 recorded on video

Get private video feedback on what you’re here to give and share.

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Jeanne is a great coach! She helped me deep dive into my own insecurities and barriers. This allowed me to think about things differently and truly increased my self confidence.
Shelley J.
Administrative coordinator
The best way to describe working with Jeanne is that it’s like putting on a new pair of glasses. You thought you were seeing fine before, but when you do, you realize you see things much more clearly. 
Niki p.
Wife, mother, healer, empath
Jeanne Nangle’s very creative and engaging approach helps teams and individuals overcome challenges and become more focused.
Farmer, Owner
Program participants continue to express gratitude for the life changing information she presents from a lens of great experience. I highly recommend Jeanne Nangle.
desiree A.
Maximizing Human Potential

Private, actionable advice about your secret sauce

For the cost of $40, you will complete an assessment created by Jeanne to give her insight into your soul secret sauce: Your special blend of talents, vision, resources, and energy to make the world better.

Then, Jeanne will record a private 10 minute video FOR YOU with her insights about your secret sauce.

What’s your soul secret sauce?

Your secret sauce is your special blend of talents, vision, resources, and energy to make the world better.

This is NOT career advice. It’s feedback about how your soul wants to express itself in this life.

For years, I asked the universe to tell me, show me, please give me clarity, about what my secret sauce was. I asked mentors, teachers, anyone I respected.

I walked on coals with Tony Robbins, wrote tirelessly in my journal, meditated, and had positive thoughts. And btw, all of these things are great to do! However, it wasn’t until I was “given” the idea of a book I needed to write one stormy night, that the path unfolded in front of me.

When I started expressing what was deep within me, in a way that was completely original and authentic, I knew I was on the right path. This was my thing to share: inspiring others to be true to themselves via authentic expression.

Through trial and error and working with clients for 25 years, I can quickly cut through the fog you see in your own life. It’s harder for you to have clarity in your own life because you’re so close to it!

I don’t have a crystal ball, and quite frankly I wouldn’t want one if I could! I can only share with you my expertise and feedback based on the assessment you will complete. Listen to what resonates, and leave out the rest. Ultimately, when the noise quiets, you know yourself best.

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Thank you for keeping me in my heart. And teaching me self-love and how we can still sit empowered & speak from the heart at once.
Anna P.
Owner, Artist
If you want to encourage positive thoughts leading to enhanced productivity and happier employees then Jeanne Nangle is a wonderful resource as a teacher and coach.
Tom F.
Retired sales leader
I am seeing the marvelous positive changes in my thought process. I’ve started to love my self. And there is no guilt that remains within me. And you made it possible for me.
A. B.
Business manager
Jeanne is a caring teacher.
Jewel A.
I strongly recommend Jeanne Nangle as a teacher and coach and I will be using the Thinking Habits at home and work as I go forward in my personal life and career. 
Don H..
Executive educator
The conversations, reflections, and ideas supported my growth. Thank you.
Barbara M.
Business Owner

When you share your soul’s secret sauce, you feel happy and deeply satisfied.

“She has an enormous gift.”

soul expression audit, amazon

“I loved every sentence…”

soul expression audit, Amazon

“It changed my life!”

soul secret sauce
secret sauce AUDIT

What’s your secret sauce?

You are here for a reason.

Big or small…

It’s NOT nothing at all! (Part of my secret sauce is inspirational words that rhyme:)

Every single soul on earth has something to give and share. The universe gives us what we need to accomplish that. Think of it as your soul secret sauce: Your unique blend of talents, vision, resources, and energy to make the world better.

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How will this work?

Once you pay $40, Jeanne will send you an email with a unique url to your private assessment. No one will read it or see it except Jeanne. Within 7 days, Jeanne will review your answers and create a private 10 minute video for you with her feedback about your soul’s secret sauce.

How quickly will I hear back?

Within 7 days from when you complete your assessment, you’ll receive your private video feedback.

Will you offer ongoing one on one coaching?

Unfortunately, I do not offer ongoing coaching. It’s part of my personal mission to offer online education and soul secret sauce assessments to reach more people.

Do you offer refunds?

You got it. 100 % refund, no questions asked. We only ask that you don’t make more than one assessment purchase.

Is this like career advice?

No, it’s not. In the feedback Jeanne will focus on how your soul can give what it’s meant to give, in any aspect of life: in your professional life, personal life, hobbies, interests, etc.

What is my soul secret sauce?

It’s your special blend of talents, vision, resources, and energy to make the world better.

If your questions still aren’t answered, email us at

jeanne nangle soul coach

What’s your secret sauce?

I’m not a guru, psychic or a mind reader, but I can help you know what your soul wants to express, give, change, etc. I’ve been a life coach, executive coach, and soul coach and I’ve been studying the soul for over 25 years. I may have a perspective on your life that will serve you. Take my assessment and I will record a 10 minute private video where I review your answers and give you feedback.

If you’re still not convinced, then thank you for stopping by!

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