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Sending Positive Thoughts! Send Good Vibes to Those You Love

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You are worried about someone, close or far away.

You want so badly to help them… yet, you feel helpless.

I’ve been teaching people about the power of thought for over ten years, and here’s the good news: Thoughts have a vibration and vibes travel!

You can help those you love with the power of your thinking… you really can!

Help someone you love right now by sending positive vibes listed below!!

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There are three ways of sending good vibes to someone you love. They are meditation, visualization, and forward this blog post!!!

Use A Quick Meditation For Sending Good Vibes

In this technique, send positive vibes by saying the thought to yourself or aloud as a quick form of mediation about 3 to 5 times, or more.

Then, focus your attention on that person receiving your loving, supportive thought.

Focus your thoughts on that person being happy and healthy.

1. You are healthy and strong

Here are positive messages you can send to raise the energy of a friend, family member, or someone else. Let’s spread healing energy:)

Sending vibes now….

You are healthy and strong.

I’m sending you my love.

I’m sending you positive energy.

All good things are flowing into your life.

All healing energy is flowing to you.

I believe in your ability to find what you need by asking for guidance.

I cancel the negative stories about this situation.

I don’t stand in the way of another’s path on this earth. I take responsibility for my words and actions.

Let’s focus on the best possible outcome.

I notice when my thoughts are heavy. I notice when my thoughts are light.

I notice when my thoughts feel light. I notice when my thoughts feel heavy.

I let go of all self-doubt about your ability to heal.

Some of these thoughts focus on them and some focus on YOU and the energy you’re putting out.

Thoughts are simply energy.

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And it’s important to note… positive thoughts create positive emotions.

2. Sending you love

Sending good thoughts your way and sending you love!

Because sending good vibes is as simple as focusing your attention on good vibes while thinking of the person.

What do good vibes mean? It’s warm, loving energy that’s felt in the body and sent to those around you.

Sending you positive vibes…

I believe in you.

I love you.

I trust you to make the right decision.

You are on the right path.

You can do this. You will do this.

You are not alone. She is not alone. He is not alone.

I forgive you.

You are loved and cared for. You are surrounded by people who love you.

You can put their name in the affirmation as well. ie: BLANK is loved and cared for.

He attracts love into his life.

They are vibing with their new job.

Her body is carrying her and supporting her.

Your soul knows you and is with you.

I cancel negative thoughts and stories about BLANK.

I forgive you. I forgive myself. I send you peace. I send myself peace. I send us both peace.

Sending happy thoughts and healing energy is absolutely possible!! Let’s send you good vibes right away!

A high-vibe life is about raising your vibrational frequency to make the most of your life.

This is helpful for sending good vibes to those you love!

Your vibes help their vibes!

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You can do this. You will do this!

3. Good thoughts counteract bad vibes

Did you know that positive energy is stronger than negative?

Well, it is!

Therefore, a positive attitude and sending positive energy will counteract negative energy.

Trust this. Sending positive vibes your way…

  • I am sending you love.
  • I am sending you respect.
  • I am sending you healing and health.
  • I respect what is hurt within me. I have compassion for you.
  • I believe that I am healing my heart. I attract bright white, healing light and send it to you.
  • I cancel low-vibe thoughts. I choose to be happy. I release the pain from my past.
  • I do not hold onto painful emotions. I think of what I am creating with my thoughts. I feel good.
  • You will get through this.
  • Sending you soul vibes.
  • You can let go of all self-doubt about your body’s ability to heal and be strong.
  • I love you. I believe in you.

4. Sending you good vibes!

These affirmations are designed for sending good vibes that are also healing vibes. Plus, these thoughts are packed with soulfulness!

Sending good vibes your way!

I am sending you healing energy.

I am sending you health and healing.

I am sending you comfort.

I am sending uplifting energy directly to you.

I am sending you ease in all you do.

I am sending you bright white healing light.

I avoid generalizing about your health because I don’t know everything.

I am letting go of worrying because it wastes energy and doesn’t help you.

Let’s focus on what is going right. I envision the best possible result for you, then I let go.

I know you will find your way. I trust your resourcefulness.

I cancel negative thoughts about this situation.

I practice positive self-talk about this situation and the body’s ability to heal.

I cancel all untrue, fearful thoughts and stories.

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You will attract positive energy into your life as you think high vibration!

The soul loves powerful thoughts!

Positive thinking exercises when practiced daily will help you keep good vibes in your body!

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5. Sending positive energy to attack negative energy!

Sending positive energy messages now to counter act negative energy. Don’t let the bad guys win!

Remember, positive energy is stronger than negative.

Sending you love.

She is peaceful and attracts happiness.

He is at ease. (The opposite of dis-ease.)

I deeply love you and send you all that is good to flow into your life.

He is relaxed and at ease.

When I breathe, I am filling my body with healing light and sending it to you.

I am listening. I have compassion for you.

Your mind is healthy and strong.

You are loved and cared for.

You are a soulmate and I’m here for you.

I see you receiving all that is good into your life.

All positive thoughts outweigh negative.

Soul vibes outweigh bad vibes.

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Sending positive vibes through text

If thoughts are energy, and they 100% are, put those high-vibe thoughts into a text!

Take any of the amazing and supportive thoughts listed above and text them to someone you care about.

As you’re writing the text, think about the person being happy and healthy.

Think supportive.


While this may feel like what you’re doing is small, and you worry it’s not enough, you’re sending positive energy, whether you realize it or not.

There’s more to this life than what you can see and touch:)

Sending positive energy

Sending positive energy works because energy travels.

And sending positive energy is one of the most noble things you can do for yourself and this world.

Let’s send you good vibes and raise your vibration now!

  • You can send good vibes without text, email, or snail mail!
  • Affirm for them… you are healthy and strong!
  • Send those you love good vibes and loving vibes!
  • Absolutely… good thoughts counter-attack bad vibes!
  • Thoughts can attack negative energy!

Sending good vibes

3 easy ways to send good vibes to someone you love are: 1. Send positive messages through visualization. 2. Send positive vibes through meditation, and 3. Forward the positive thoughts listed in this blog post!

Send Good Vibes with this Blog Post!!!!

Sending energy is as simple as choosing thoughts with a positive vibe. And by vibe, I mean vibration.

I have many beautiful high-vibe thoughts above for sending healing energy. Think these thoughts when you think of someone you love or care about…

Then, send them this blog post!

What better way to send good vibes than in an email dedicated to that very thing!

Because your energy goes where you focus your attention.

This is a very powerful topic and you can read more about it in Power versus Force by David Hawkins.

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Sending Positive Thoughts Through Visualization

Spreading good vibes is as easy as visualizing it. Athletes use visualization before a game!

You can use visualization to focus your attention on positive thoughts and sensations.

Once you connect with the positive thought, picture someone you love.

Now, picture the high-vibe energy of that thought landing with that person! Did you do that? Awesome.

OK, I know what you’re thinking…

Has this woman lost it? No, I haven’t!

We live in an energetic universe and that includes our thoughts.

Therefore, good vibes will send good energy to the person you’re thinking about.

Sending good vibes

The three ways of sending good vibes to spread positivity to someone you love are meditation, visualization, and forward this blog post!!!

(Plus, here are over 200 affirmations of self-love to give yourself as a gift!)

In The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer he states that our energy flows to the specific point of our focus.

Are you with me?

You’ve probably heard the saying, Energy flows where attention flows.

Good vibes prayer

Here is my favorite prayer for creating positive energy within myself and others.

I say it at least once a day, and usually throughout the day. It instantly lifts my energy.

I am love, I am divine love. I am giving and receiving only love. I am living my highest truth. I am allowing my greatest healing. Thank you for keeping me in love’s way.

This prayer is high vibration or high energy as you’re affirming love, truth, and healing.

On a soul level, the person you are thinking of can feel your positive energy.

High-Vibe Thinking

This subject is a passion of mine because years ago, when my husband got cancer we were VERY aware of the fear-based thinking within us and everyone around us.

In even a hospital room, I could feel everyone’s negative, fear-based thinking.

So, to protect ourselves from negative energy, fear-based energy AND to remind ourselves to keep our own thoughts positive, we focused on thinking that would lift our energy.

Later, after much grief and heartache, I wrote The Thought Store about a fictional store in the future that sells high-vibe thoughts. The story was about a town where people were dying from low-vibe thoughts.

I’ve coined the term: High-vibe Thinking™ to describe thinking that lifts your energy and embraces your emotions.

And, I teach positive thinking skills to individuals, doctors, patients, and staff.

The universe is energy

Since the universe is energy, we are NOT bound by physical limits when it comes to our thinking!

Since writing The Thought Store over ten years ago, I’ve been committed to helping people take a more holistic approach to positive thinking.

In particular, I teach high-vibe thinking™ to physicians to help them lower stress and burnout.

Because when we walk into a room, we bring our high or low energy with us!

In my post 9 Wonderful Ways to Send Healing Vibes Today, I explain in simple terms how the universe is energy.

I highly recommend that you read that post to send positive vibes to someone you love.

Remember what Einstein says about the universe and energy, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics!”

Also, low self-confidence carries very low energy. We want to face our self doubt directly, so that we are energetically aligned with our purpose in life!

Don’t send low-vibe thoughts:(

The universe DOES NOT support that which is not life-affirming. Therefore, sending low-vibe thoughts to anyone at any time only hurts you because that low energy of that thought is being held in your body:(

A quick word on toxic positivity

Just a quick reminder that you want to use the power of thought to empower and love you! Not, to avoid your emotions.

That becomes toxic positivity.

Here’s poems about toxic positivity to help you feel what is true for you while keeping your thoughts high vibration.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Choosing Your Energy Is a Life-Changer

People enjoy being around people who have good energy. When our vibration is high, we do better. Positive always shifts negative.

Try this: Make a list of how you can give others your good vibes. It begins with a smile, a little encouragement, and words expressing support and appreciation.

For example, I was at the dentist this morning with a young mom contending with her tired toddler. I could tell she was getting increasingly embarrassed by how her child acted.

So, I smiled at her and sent her the thought: Hey, we’ve all been there. We’re not bothered:)

Now, maybe it was a coincidence, but I doubt it. But, her energy noticeably switched… and her little boy seemed to quiet down when that happened.

Or maybe she handed him her phone to look at… I’m not sure!

But, I know that I sent her good vibes. No doubt!

And since we are all energy, whether she realized it or not, she felt just a bit more support, even if just slightly. Sending positive energy is more powerful than you may realize!

Final thoughts

You’re looking for a way to help those you love and sending positive thoughts and good vibes will help them… and you.

To help them experience high-vibes.

Good thoughts and healing thoughts will send good vibes to the person you’re thinking about.

Remember, when sending good vibes and sending positive thoughts you don’t have to BELIEVE each thought! And sending low-vibe thoughts doesn’t work… it only holds the low energy in your body!

So, please be good to yourself!

There are so many reasons to think positively.

If you need some additional help with positive thinking, here is a GREAT list of books on positive thinking.

It’s all linked to leading a spiritual life.

My spiritual blog Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach can help you with that.

And ask for soul guidance when you need it from your spirit team.

Think of each thought as a seed that can grow and spread joy. You can water the seed and the recipient of your great thought can also water the seed each day!

You are growing belief in that thought each time you say it to yourself and keep your heart open and receptive.

Sending good thoughts your way from Jeanne Nangle!

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