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Oh my, the heat.

After soaring temperatures in my city yesterday, there was a power outage last night, and oh my, the heat.

So, my weekly newsletter didn’t get loaded or sent.  

And yes, I could have run to my local coffee place and done the work there.

But I was soooo miserable, and fanning myself in the heat, and complaining, that I didn’t want to move.

Add to that, my garage door needs electricity to open.

OK yes, I can detach it and lift it with brute strength… but remember, I was really hot and tired.

This brings me to the point of this post.

It was fantastic.

The night, which started out to be uncomfortable and downright miserable, was fantastic.

Why did the night and my mood switch?

With the no electricity, hot as he#$, I could have left and gone to a friend’s house, just to get out.

Or, I could have gone to a public place and sat in their cool air conditioning.

But, something was calling me to stay put.

And again,  I was too lazy to lift my very heavy garage door.

So, I decided to act like a monk and just be with it.

Just be with it.

I sat quietly, meditated, and journaled.

Then, I thought of the night before at an outdoor concert with my son, his girlfriend, my mom and her guy.

It was such fun that I relived the whole thing.

Even my son dancing.

Then, I was quiet again.

And I stared out the window.

Boy, it’s pretty out there.

No internet, no phone (my battery ran out)… and I was in heaven.

Heaven is no internet

Unfortunately, when the internet is available to me I’m on it.

This is too much.

Like I need to be using the internet 24/7?


I don’t!  And I know better since I’m in the spirituality field and I’m supposedly connected to myself?  

But am I?

Do I need the internet to go down before I ignore it?

This is giving me a new lease on life…

Blow off the internet.

Just be and see what happens.

Last night, In my frozen in time, yet sauna like home, I found deep peace.

So, the problem all along has been too much electricity.

Too many distractions.

It’s too much.

So, hopefully I will take this experience and create more distraction free evenings, where I stare out into space and enjoy riding the stars.

OK, it wasn’t like that…

But, when I finally feel asleep, I had some epic dreams, so something is working.

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