Sometimes life is about choosing more.

It is about turning away from what is popular and easy and what other’s think … and choosing what you know in your heart is right for you.

That is the ultimate in self-love.

When is it time to step up and love ourselves … and love our soul?

Each of us will have our own answer.

Is it ok to dial ourselves down because what we need doesn’t make sense to some people?

I want to speak for a moment to the people who have lived a few decades …

You’ve been around the track and know yourself by now.

You know what you’re good at and not so good at.

Are you showing up for that?

How many more years will go by?

We all have things to let go of.

And it ain’t easy.

I’m the first to admit that.

Letting go is a constant process and sometimes it feels horrible.

Actually, usually it feels horrible.

However, please don’t let the past stop you. Let it fuel you.

Don’t let the pain be in vain.

Let it strengthen you.

I KNOW we are each capable of this.

#self-love, #purpose

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