Soul Level Or Human Level: First, How To Know The Difference

soul level

We operate on two levels: A soul level and a human level.

This may seem unclear since you’re thinking: Isn’t my soul just… me?

As a soul coach, I’m intimately aware of how I operate on a soul level versus human level.

You’re seeking greater understanding of how your soul is operating in your life!

In this article, I hope to shed to light on that for you. Let’s go!

Give yourself what you need on a soul level
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Soul level or human… how to see the difference

On a soul level, you make choices based on what’s best for your healing and growth.

This is soul-centered living.

While on a human level, you may make choices based on what you desire, what feels good, and what will achieve your personal or professional goals.

The criteria is different.

And sometimes, it’s not that easy to tell the difference.

Your thinking brain won’t tell you: Your soul talking. Your spirit talking.

Or, this is your feelings talking.

This is your brain talking.

There are choices your soul would make, that on a human level you would not.

As you connect with your soul, you begin to see those differences.

Let’s use examples to help illustrate the difference between soul level and human level in the world.

Examples of choosing on a soul level

A soul level is what the soul chooses… that as a human being you might not choose.

It’s helpful to see the difference to help us understand that the soul wants to accomplish different things than a human being does.

Here are examples of choices you make on a soul level to help you understand the difference.

Exit points

One example is exit points.

Spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen describes exit points this way: “potential opportunities for our souls to leave the body once our earthly mission is completed.”

On a soul level you may choose to leave the body… when on a human level you might not be ready or have any desire to leave this world.

Life lessons

Life lessons are what you need to learn in this life on a soul level.

While as a person, you may not choose a particular situation, trial, or challenge, as a soul you choose it to help you evolve in the world.


Soul level needs may be different from human needs in terms of how you manage your energy.

For example, if the soul needs rest and retreat, and you as a person wants to play, which requires more energy.

On a soul level you need to refuel… and on a human level you want to be active.


On a soul level you may choose someone different than you’d choose on a human level.

Soulmates are pre-arranged and souls are given ways to recognize soul connections.

However, you may miss the signals from your spirit guides or another spiritual connection.

As a person you meet someone you feel compelled toward, so you choose them. Yet, they may or may not be a happy choice on a human level.

The good new is, as you grow into life, you’re more likely to choose the partner and soulmate who’ll be the happiest choice for you.

If you have a lot of work to do in issues around self-love and relationships, you might choose someone less compatible.

Beware of choosing someone based on your life trap.

In my post about soul connections, I write briefly about karmic relationships, where there’s a push/pull dynamic to the relationship.

soul connections, soulmates, soulmate

Are you an old soul?

This term, old soul, comes up a lot in my work as a soul coach, so it’s important to address it here.

People say…

My son is an old soul. Or, My boyfriend is an old soul.

However, in reality, are you sure??

Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls, a must-read on this subject, defines the advanced soul in Chapter 11, page 170…

The mark of an advanced spirit is one who has patience with society and shows extraordinary coping skills. Most prominent is their exceptional insight.”

“The advanced soul radiates composure, kindness, and understanding toward others. Not being motivated by self-interest, they may disregard their own physical needs and live in reduced circumstances.”

“People who possess souls which are both old and highly advanced are scarce.”

He continues to teach about advanced souls…

“We may recognize them when they appear as public figures, such as a Mother Teresa; however, it is more usual for the advanced soul to go about their good works in a quiet, unassuming manner.”

Another thing that’s interesting to note is that a lot of us sensitive types, myself included, may think we have old souls, but we don’t.

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After reading Journey of Souls five times… I’m quite sure that I am NOT an old soul, and I think I may be fairly new to this gig!

Dr. Newton writes…

“I have been asked if most people who are sensitive, aesthetic, and particularly right-brained have advanced souls since individuals with these characteristics often appear to be at odds with the wrongs of an imperfect world. I see no correlation here. Being emotional, appreciating beauty, or having extrasensory impressions – including psychic talent – does not necessarily denote an advanced soul.”

i am confused

Old soul or slow learner?

Think of it this way…

Not all old people are wise.

Hopefully your grandparents have great wisdom… but it’s not always the case.

Think of souls the same way.

In the positive sense, an ‘old soul’ has been to earth enough times to evolve to a higher level.

However, some souls are old because they return to earth a lot more than others… not because they’re wise, but because they’re not healing or learning a darn thing!

You have friends you feel this way about:)

Old soul… or slow learner?

For anyone you know.. soul vibes connect us to the deeper aspects of life… to help them connect.

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The physical body

A body holds the soul for a lifetime, then the soul moves on.

But, how long is a lifetime?

On a soul level… life is eternal. The soul lives way past the life of the body.

However, on a human level, one lifetime begins with birth and ends with death.

On a soul level, your consciousness lives on past the life of the body.

So, see the distinction there?

How long a lifetime is from a soul level, is drastically different than what most people think of.

soul level

Your inner self or higher self

The higher self is part of the soul.

It’s not the same as the soul.

It’s the purest part of the soul because it is not affected by past lifetimes.

As I wrote about in my post on soul meaning, the higher self is always connected to universal consciousness or oneness… and is not influenced by the physical body.

Part of being soulful, is understanding the large role the soul plays in your life.

Your conscious awareness

Your consciousness awareness is being aware of what is happening as it’s happening.

Your thoughts and feelings.

You’re walking down the street and someone falls off of their bike in front of you, you’re consciously aware that the person fell off their bike and may or may not be hurt.

You’re aware of it.

Can we be consciously aware of the soul?

Yes… we can.

It’s a form of spiritual awareness when we realize who we truly are and connect with our spiritual nature. 

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