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Soul Meaning: 11 Qualities of the Unique Soul

What is the meaning of soul?

The concept of the soul can be hard to picture… intangible.

I’ve spent years exploring the soul and guiding people like you to deeper self-understanding.

You’re seeking clarity on what defines the soul and its role in your life.

This article demystifies the soul, offering you a clear and insightful exploration of what it is, from a non-religious viewpoint.

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Nature gives us many examples of uniqueness… and love:)

What is the definition of soul?

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the soul is “the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life: the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe.”

But, isn’t there more?

Of course there is!!

What does it mean to have a beautiful soul?

The soul has deep meaning

What is the definition of the soul?

Soul is the word of the day, so let’s go deeper…

After over 25 years of researching and studying the soul, I’ve discovered the following.

1. The soul is eternal

First, inside each human being is a soul. Every human body has one has one.

This part of a person is eternal, it never dies. Only the body dies and the soul lives way past the body’s life.

How do you apply this to your life? Take comfort in knowing that there’s a part of you that lives on and will be with those you love after the body dies.

Being soulful is embracing this eternal aspect of yourself… embracing the spiritual part of life, the part of you that is here on earth to express itself, learn, and grow.

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Amazing… my eyes can hardly believe this.

My work with the soul is influenced by Thomas Moore, James Hillman, Carl Jung, John O’Donohue, and many other great poets, writers, philosophers, and teachers who’ve taught that we’re born with depth, meaning, and lots of potential.

2. The soul is connected

Your great soul is connected to a higher power. What that power looks like will depend on your spiritual or religious beliefs.

That power might be God (in its various names), Source, Universe, nature, etc.

3. The soul is evolving

Many people think that the soul is all-knowing, but it is not.

The soul evolves based on the choices you make and how much your soul is learning and growing.

You apply this in your life by expressing the highest and best of yourself and embracing your unique abilities, even the parts of yourself you may not like so much.

You can think of the soul as the spiritual part of you… the part that is connected to the spiritual realm.

This part of you is in a physical body for a temporary time and will survive death.

4. The soul is the essence of your inner self

The soul holds the memories and experiences you’ve had through all past lives or at least this one, if that’s your belief, and is influenced by past experiences.

So, lean into this idea for just a moment… your soul continues to hold and remember all of your experiences until this point, so you will take those experiences and learn from them.

You can think of a soul brother as someone you feel you know on a soul level, a deeper level. They get you, they understand you.

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What is your true essence?

5. The soul works with the body and mind it’s been given

The soul works with the body and mind it’s been given.

I love this because it helps us to accept what we perceive as limits within ourselves.

The body and mind you have is not random. The combination of body, mind, and soul is part of your destiny.

Each person’s life has a number of purposes, and the body and mind help you fulfill those purposes. For example, if I need to learn patience, my mind might be extra impatient so I will see how that doesn’t work for me!

Even your emotional nature is part of that soul/body makeup. Deeply felt emotion is part of a soulful life and connects mind, body, and soul.

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6. The soul is imperfect

The soul struggles as you learn and grow. It is not perfect. As a human being you know this intuitively.

Yes, life is a struggle at times.

However, when you realize that your soul is not perfect and that it’s part of human nature to be imperfect, then it’s easier to give yourself grace.

While you’re giving yourself grace remind yourself: I take responsibility for BLANK, while giving myself grace. I have compassion for myself as I learn more about myself. I have the gift of choice and I am choosing better options for myself.

7. The soul is different than the higher self

The higher self is within the soul, is always connected to the divine, and is in a constant state of balance and harmony.

The higher self does NOT need correction. It is never disconnected from universal intelligence. It is not influenced by our experiences, while the soul is.

Sometimes you’ll notice that you have a dream or memory that seems like your inner voice is telling you something important. Pay attention to that! It might be your more knowing self guiding you to the right answers.

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8. The soul is the blueprint of our potential

The Irish poet and philosopher, John O’Donohue says, “Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey.”

Think of the soul as an outline, or a blueprint of what you’re capable of. However, it’s up to you whether you build it out.

The soul is your true self.

Human beings are called to make choices all day long as to whether we will fulfill our potential. It’s not easy, but we have some time to figure out our lives.

It’s soul crushing when we ignore the soul and our lives don’t align with what the soul needs.

9. The soul is designed to heal

We are given the tools and situations we need for healing. The “goal” of the soul is to heal and bring itself back into a state of balance and harmony. 

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10. The soul is communicating with us

If we aren’t keeping the channels open, if we aren’t listening to inspiring spirit, we won’t hear the soul.

So take time each day to quiet the mind and listen. Listen to what you may ask? Just quiet the mind without an agenda and see what comes to you.

Also, take some time to go soul searching by clicking here for a roadmap!

11. The soul is your authentic self

Your true, authentic self is written in the soul. Think of the soul as the part of you that you love, the part you hide, and the part that is rooting for you 100%.

Your very soul is the essence of who you are, your true self, and us human beings must recognize what we’re called to do in this life.

I imagine the soul looking over us, or within us thinking: Go on, you can do it. Believe in your talents and gifts and use them to make the world better.

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Does a person’s soul think?

The soul thinks… what do I need to learn?

This is why high-vibe thinking is important.

As you and I think high-quality, we are helping ourselves, and thus the soul, to fulfill our potential.

In addition, send positive vibes and thoughts to someone you love, especially if they’re a soulmate.

Since the universe is energy, be aware of if you’re putting out good vibes… or not so good:(

Word Origin for soul

Soul is the word of the day and comes from the Middle English soule, sowle, saule, sawle, from Old English sāwol, which means “soul, life, spirit, being”.

The meaning behind the word refers to the life within us.

Being soulful

I’ve written an entire blog post about what it means to be soulful and you can read more about that here.

In summary, as a soulful person you focus on your personal relationship with yourself, something bigger than yourself, and what you’re here to learn and give. Your happiness and peace are based on this relationship.

Take a soul quiz!

This quiz I created for my clients will help you look at your relationship with your own soul. So, take this soul quiz!

It’s a very intentional and soulful way to live that brings deep satisfaction.

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Soul meaning: final thoughts

The soul is the truest part of you that is eternal and holds what’s possible for you as you evolve.

Your soul’s meaning is for you to use your unique set of qualities, gifts, and lessons in this life.

Build your knowledge about your own soul and have a relationship with yourself that goes deeper. When you’re struggling, ask yourself, what do I need in the situation? What do I have to learn here?

When you hear soul music, you think of music that has depth and meaning… you can think of your soul in the same way!

NOTE: Thank you to my friend who offered these amazing photos from the Arizona desert… it added so much color, life, and soul to his post!!

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