Spiritual Self Care: How To Care For Yourself And Spirit

spiritual self care

Imagine a serene sanctuary where your mind finds solace, your spirit recovers, and your whole being aligns with your deepest, truest self.

Stress, anxiety, and the daily grind can leave us feeling disconnected from our inner selves, yearning for inner peace and deep fulfillment.

As a soul coach, I’ve guided countless people on their journey towards self-discovery and soulfulness.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of prioritizing spiritual self care.

You’re looking to cultivate a deeper sense of well-being and reconnect with your true self on a more regular basis.

By the end of this article, you’ll have insights and inspiration needed to begin your own spiritual self care practice.

spiritual self care includes rest!

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Your Spiritual self care practice

Spiritual self care involves connecting with your sense of spirit.

A soulful life is one where you practice spiritual self care regularly.

Below are 19 soulful spiritual self care activities for your spiritual life.

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1. Go soul searching

Soul searching is a great way to take care of yourself. It’s the way to discover who you are and make it an important part of your spiritual self care practice.

To help you uncover your core identity.

The soul holds the blueprint for your life.

Self-care is asking: What am I here to do? What am I here to give to make the world better?

Conversely, what must you learn so that you can show up fully? We all have lessons to learn as we better understand our self care routine. It’s all part of the human experience.

And, look for soul vibes in life… they connect you to the deeper aspects of life.

2. Befriend yourself

Be kind, compassionate, and caring toward yourself. Shoot, be your own best friend! That’s the ultimate in self care and well being.

Pema Chodron says, “When you have made good friends with yourself, your situation will be more friendly too.”

Think about it for a moment. You come into the world alone and leave the world alone, shouldn’t you practice self compassion and befriend yourself along the way?

3. Self-honesty

Self-honesty is part of self care because we’re here to learn.

It’s taking an honest look and seeing past mistakes as a compassionate friend would and making the necessary changes.

Self-rejection is criticizing yourself, being intolerant of yourself, and telling yourself you’re not good enough in some way. Here’s the truth, as you befriend yourself, you will find the world friendlier. It’s strange how that works, but it is very true.

As we are true to ourselves, we feel a greater sense of belonging and connection to the world around us. This is a wonderful gift of self-discovery and self care.

Dont delay your destiny,

4. Stay in your lane

As you stay in your lane, self care and well being is your focus.

Don’t rely on what is happening externally or in other people’s lives. Instead, create your life based on what the soul is here to do.

We get distracted by comparing ourselves or feeling like we’re behind in life and this sucks our energy and makes life more difficult.

Instead, self care practices are trying new things and expanding your perspective of what’s possible!

So, it’s best to stay in your lane and live YOUR life, the one that’s designed for you.

Self care that serves the soul is a journey, so be patient as you walk this fantastic, exciting life.

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5. Heal grief and loss

I wrote The Butterfly Silhouette after I lost my husband, leaving me and our two young sons. Grief is very personal.  (I received honorable mention at the San Francisco Book Festival for spiritual and poetry.)

Self care is grieving in your own way, going through each stage at your pace, because it’s certainly a hard time.

Loss is unfortunately a natural part of life. We lose relationships, people we love, our youth, our health, etc. After significant losses, we’re different, and we need to find ourselves again.

Grieving is such an important aspect of personal discovery and finding your joy again, because the weight of grief can bury us for a very long time.  

It can also be an important part of your spiritual self care practice.

Grieving as long as you need to and having self care practices like: plenty of down time, expressing your feelings honestly is vital to spiritual health.

As we feel it to heal it, we leave the past, move into the present moment, and it’s in the present that we create the future we desire.  Our self care routine must include feeling all of our negative emotions.

And as we learn to live in the moment, a major shift occurs in our lives.

Dont delay your destiny,

7. Care of the Soul

Keep the needs of your soul at the center of life is part of self care and caring for the soul.  Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life is one of the most beautiful and informative books on this subject and my favorite book of all time.

And it’s so awesome because we’re given the talents, strength, perseverance, and power to grow self-confidence and follow our soul’s path.

Self care includes being true to one’s self.

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8. DIY Staycations

Another great way to connect with yourself, and focus on self care and well being, is to stay home and treat your home and yourself like you’re on a vacation. 

Be intentional. 

No work or To Do lists!  No obligatory phone calls or social responsibilities. Self care means… do whatever you want that will feed your mind, body, and soul and promote well being! 

You can call it a Soulful Staycation!

9. DIY Retreat

A great self care activity is a personal retreat. It’s much like a staycation, but in the retreat, you organize each day as though you’re on a retreat in a faraway tropical place.

Like Fiji perhaps?

Self care is more fun in Fiji! But, you’re not! Your retreat is at home. With family or without family… this self care activity is designed by you!

The point of the retreat is to put prioritize self care practices and overall well being.

On a retreat you may be silent, you may take a soulful salt bath, you may eat only organic, healthy food, or you might walk a labyrinth each day.

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In the retreat, you’re intentionally doing helpful tasks for self-discovery. While on the staycation your focus is rest and recharging.

10. Meditation Practice

The best-selling book, Wherever you Go, There You Are is one of the best books on the subject of meditation.

For the novice or more advanced meditator, Jon Kabat-Zinn gives great ideas for how to get started.  His initial advice is: Just stop and breathe.  We can do that right? It’s a great starting place to begin self care.

Whether you can quiet the mind for 5 minutes or two hours, quiet or meditation is an essential part of any human being’s tool kit.

The term is human BEING… not human THINKING!

A higher-self meditation practice is part of training the mind to be quiet.

And yet, we think 24/7! Part of you work in life is slowly developing the ability to quiet your mind in any way that works for you. I emphasize for you because we’re all different and there’s no right way to do it!

Meditation is an important part of your spiritual self care practice.

Dont delay your destiny,

11. Soul guidance

Ask for spiritual guidance.

Rebecca Rosen, a spiritual medium, advises us to ask our spirit guides for clarity and guidance. If this belief resonates with you, then you can ask all day if you really want to.

There is literally TONS of spiritual guidance for self care… especially from your spirit guides.

Your spirit guides want you to practice self care.

12. Surrender

Surrender is acknowledging that we don’t have to control everything, nor would we want to.  In surrender, we acknowledge that we’re co-creators of our lives. We can turn over to a higher power what feels like too much, and when we need help.  We can surrender our fear, our helplessness, our anxiety, etc. 

13. Affirm self love

Affirmations for self love are a consistent reminder to your brain that you are worthy of love, and confidence, and you deserve to have good things come to you.

Keep your thoughts supportive and self-loving.

Self care includes reminding YOU that you deserve love!

However, sometimes the self-love journey is a long one, so be extra gentle with yourself along the way.

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14. Self-acceptance

The basis for self care is self-acceptance and self-love.

Accepting all of who you are with the desire to learn and grow. Any self-discovery journey includes allowing the gifts, skills, talents, challenges, imperfections, and points of growth.

For strong mental health, we must learn to accept ourselves.

15. Live in the moment

As we learn to live in the moment, you access a new level of consciousness.

In A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, he writes beautifully about this unfolding. The ego, the part of us that is attached to our thoughts and emotions, is robbing us of the present moment.

The present moment is where we connect with higher intelligence.

An good self care routine includes slowly letting go of the ego and living in the present moment.

As we increase our awareness of our attachment to ego, the ego slowly loses it’s strength in our lives.

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16. Self love habits

One of my favorite self care ideas is self-love habits. Building self-love habits is part of the self-love journey.

In the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg he says, “A habit is a formula our brain automatically follows: When I see CUE, I will do ROUTINE in order to get a REWARD. To re-engineer that formula, we need to begin making choices again. And the easiest way to do this, according to study after study, is to have a plan.”

Read these 3 self-love habits each day and watch yourself create the habit of self-love. 

Self-love and self care go hand in hand, so focusing on growing self-love is very important.

As you grow in self-love you feel calmer and there are other health benefits.

Self-belief and self-love go hand in hand.

17. Mental health and spiritual self care

As you commit to spiritual self care, it’s good for mental health.

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) did a study of the benefits of A Spiritual Self-Care Mobile App (Skylight) for Mental Health, Sleep, and Spiritual Well-Being Among Generation Z and Young Millennials: Cross-Sectional Survey.

They concluded, “Spiritual self-care apps like Skylight may be useful in addressing anxiety among GenZennials and be a resource to spiritually connect to their personal spiritual well-being.”

Spiritual self care practices help you create the mental space for healing and growth.

18. Gratitude

Gratitude shifts energy quicker than anything, but don’t use it to avoid emotions or your true self.

There are many health benefits of gratitude.

Begin each morning with gratitude before your feet hit the floor. We all know how to say thank you of course, but it’s helpful to know the many and varied ways in which you can be grateful. 

Also, you can begin the day with a gratitude prayer. This is very powerful for setting your intention for the day to be in gratitude for all that’s present. This way you’re not starting the day in lack. Be soulful and start the day in abundance.

Gratitude practice is helpful for shifting negative energy.

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19. Self-compassion

A big part of self-discovery in life is finding self-compassion within this human experience for both the mental and physical body.

This audio download, Poems of Self-compassion, by the popular and amazing poet, David Whyte, is tremendously healing as he reminds us of our humanity, the depth of grief, and how to walk through it.  It’s one of the most remarkable audios I’ve EVER heard.  I listened to this daily on my own soulful, healing journey.  If you aren’t into poetry, this may not resonate with you.  But, it’s truly one of the most beautiful audios I’ve ever listened to.  This audio can be listened to in addition to soulful music.

Ground yourself spiritually

Grounding yourself is activities that connect you to the earth, to calmness, and earth energy.

I walk on grass or concrete barefooted during the warm summer months to connect with the earth and ground my energy.

It’s a very simple and relaxing form of spiritual self care.

Dont delay your destiny,

Final thoughts

Spiritual self care focusing on caring for your spiritual nature.

In my world, I think of it as living soulfully, with soul connection, and caring for the soul.

It’s the daily things we do, the habits we have, that make the difference.

Self care for the spirit is vitally important to stay connected to our true selves.

As a spiritual being, make spiritual self care important in your life.

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