The kindness of people.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of all the mothers who have younger children at home during Covid.
Younger through teens years anyway.
And … YOU ROCK!  Seriously, you mom’s rock.
I used to hyperventilate over how to occupy my kids for a measly summer … and this is a very long summer.
So, sending you our admiration and respect! 
This pandemic has affected ALL 7.8 billion of us … and in different ways.
It’s certainly a challenging time.
It is what it is.
For me, someone who REALLY DOESN’T like feeling stuck, I am looking at my life as creatively as I can.
So, I remind myself:  It is what it is.
And this helps a bit.
Isn’t it funny how a trite phrase can soothe my mind?
Why does this five word sentence feel good?
Because in that moment, I am not resisting what is happening.
This is not throwing in the towel.  For me, it’s kind of the serenity prayer:
Help me change what I can, accept what I can’t …
And then I notice …  how MANY people are really kind right now.
Big time.

The kindness of people

The kindness of people has reached a very high level.
I hear all around me:
Be safe.  Be careful.  Thinking of you.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for your service.  Are you OK?
And that’s cool.
Therefore, while I am not diggin’ this at all, I accept it week by week and keep my thoughts positive for the future.
So our young people aren’t inundated with pessimism.
Because pessimism is like air pollution.
So, when the ATT agent accidentally disconnects our call for the 7th time, since they’re working from home and have questionable phone service …
I think:  It is what it is.
And I call again 3 days later after I’ve calmed down. (Even though I’ve lost 7 hours from my life.)

Thoughts to clean the air

At a minimum, I can avoid polluting the air around ME.  Some thoughts that help:
We are not alone in this.
I am grateful for this, this and this.
Oh, and I’m grateful for BLANK.  (I know we’ve had this idea drilled into our heads, But truly … Gratitude instantly raises our energy.)
This is temporary.
I will not jump ahead in my thoughts.
I’m doing the best I can today.
Sending a very big hello to you and hoping you’re safe and doing ok …

flatten the curve with a second wind.

Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach empowers people to discover their soul and place in the world.
I need something to help me flatten the curve …
Remember being a kid in the backseat of your parents car and your family was driving somewhere and you’d ask:  Are we there yet?  
You’d ask every ten minutes and your parents would say:  Not yet!
Remember that feeling of: Is this drive over yet?
Is this over yet?
THEN, my son who lives in New York, and yes, it’s mayhem there; he sends me a Public Service Announcement from the Office of the Governor of California he saw on Twitter about Flatten the curve
In it is Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld, Veep, etc.) and she’s putting on her own make-up because her make-up staff is staying home and being safe.
So, she’s putting red lipstick all over her face because she’s never applied her own make-up!
It’s so funny …
Flatten the curve.
I was laughing out loud at how funny she looks applying this clown-like make-up and asking us to please STAY HOME to help flatten the curve.
Yet … I’m getting the message.
I know I need to dig in deep and get my second wind.
Even though I want this thing to be OVER, I must be part of flattening this curve!
Therefore, I am gaining my second wind.  
Thank goodness for second winds.
We have this incredible ability to feel tired, pissed off, and DONE, and then wake up the next day and say:
And in case your spirit is a bit frail lately, just know that you too have that second wind within you.
Built into our DNA!
This second wind ability is built into our DNA.
We are made to withstand … life.
Then one day, hopefully sooner than later, we’ll be among one another again.
And we won’t spit in each others faces when we talk.
We will give each other plenty of personal space and respect:)
Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself.
For now …  it would be enough to feel a light and breezy second wind.
Wishing that you and your family are safe.