Are parts of you sitting on a shelf?

Are parts of you sitting on a shelf?

Elton John sings…
Look in the mirror and stare at myself,
And wonder if that’s really me on the shelf.
Are parts of you left on a shelf…
Ignored, and you’re wondering:
What the hell?
When did that happen?
Why am I leaving it there?
What is going on with me that I’m allowing this?
When my 40 something self heard that song, I thought all of those things.
My inner poet… on a shelf.
My sadness… on a shelf.
My femininity… roaming in the woods.
Helping humanity… on a shelf.
The leader in me… ditto.
Why do we ignore parts of ourselves?
There’s only one reason, and you know what it is.
Oh, and fear.
And maybe laziness.
And tiredness.
Ok, that’s 4 reasons…
And all legit.
Fearing you won’t, you can’t.
That the universe doesn’t care what you do.
That you don’t have what it takes.
“You can’t have it all.”
Other people are doing it better…
But, here’s the thing…
When you ignore key parts of yourself, You’re not being true to yourself.
If part of you is on a shelf…
Only you can pick it up and take it off the shelf.
You don’t have to do somersaults with it.
Just give it your attention for crying out loud.
Do something.
Because if you don’t, your life will feel OFF.
It takes a lifetime for some of us to express the truth within us.
I have much more I want to do and be.
How about you?
Either in your relationship or in service to this aching world.
Please don’t ignore key parts of yourself.
Because true joy comes from being true to all the sides of you.
The promise of your life…

The promise of your life…

If part of you knows there’s more to you than has surfaced so far…
So far.
I get that.
In Passages by Gail Sheehy, she talks about the midlife passage of entering age 40 or more.
The age when you realize that you don’t have forever.
There’s an end date.
And if you want to live in a way that deepens your connection to yourself and this universe…
Or to others.
Or you want go after a dream.
Or you want to express something to one person…
Or the world.
Time is ticking.

Time waits for no one.

As it’s been said, Time waits for no one.
So I encourage you…
To support yourself 100% on whatever you believe you’re here to do with your one wild and precious life.*
Don’t let any person stop you.
And don’t let fear and self-doubt make your decisions for you.
Because the desire you carry you have for a reason.
It has a definite reason.
But this takes some courage.
And it’s worth it.
The joy that comes from a life fully lived…
It’s worth it.
And the fear that your soul will be left lying limp…
That’s not good.
It’s why I do this work.
The thought of souls lying limp around the world… ugh.
I saw Pixar’s Soul this week, so beautiful btw.
And it underlines the beauty and promise of each life.
So, I’ll ask the hard question…
Are you fulfilling the promise of your life?
Just a question to ask going into 2022.
A year of change and promise.
Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling year.

Longing for a true life…

One of the greatest writers of all time is Leo Tolstoy.

In his short story, The Death of Ivan Ilych, the main character is successful by most standards in life.

He was a respected judge, he had a beautiful family, he was rich.

But on his death bed he wonders…

Was my life all wrong?

That’s a sobering thought to have before you take your last breath.

What do you think he’s referring to?

Possibly that…

He wasn’t true to himself.

He was a judge, maybe he wishes he owned a coin shop.

He was married…

Maybe his marriage wasn’t what he wanted and he had no idea how to fix it.

He was a father…

Maybe his son never wanted to spend time with him.

The hero of the story wasn’t happy with the life he was about to end.

Leo Tolstoy is considered a spiritual leader as well.

Because he wrote about man’s connection to his own spirit, without saying it straight out.

When a man ponders his life from his death bed…

He’s probably talking to the deepest part of himself.

He’s possibly talking to something greater than himself.

Many people might be fine with their lives in general.

In general.

They feel fortunate to have what they have.

But, some inner aspect of them is not being fed.

And they ignore this hunger.

That hunger is where the magic begins.

Because the hunger leads you where you’re meant to go.

In your personal life.


And in your work.

Pay attention to your hunger.

Because it’s telling you something important that your soul needs.

Go on a destiny quest!

Go on a destiny quest!

In my late 30’s and 40’s, while I was happily married, starting a family, and had a successful career… I was expressively frustrated.

I didn’t understand it at the time…

However, I wasn’t expressing myself creatively or personally.

In a sentence, my expressive drive was stifled, buried, and repressed.

And, if you relate with this at all… this is NOT good for the soul.

So… I read hundreds of self-help books, dabbled in spirituality, walked on coals with Tony Robbins, and searched within my Jewish roots for a deeper sense of myself and where I fit into this world.

But, I continued to be, paradoxically, both happy and frustrated.


Fast forward to my late 40’s …

My husband and best friend of 26 years passed away.  We had two sons, ages 11 and 17.

Six months after his passing, my husband visited me in a dream.

I didn’t know about such things and even though I was seeking, I didn’t like woo woo stuff, like spirits visiting people in dreams.

But after this visitation, I read every book I could find about the afterlife to validate what in the world happened.

In the dream visit, Mark told me two things:  He was where he needed to be, doing work on the other side; and I had someone I WAS MEANT TO BE.

I believed him. I knew he was right.

But, beyond that I was lost about what that looked like.

Fast forward another year.

In the middle of the night, I spontaneously wrote an autobiographical tale book about a caterpillar who doesn’t believe she can be a butterfly.

My caterpillar is seeking and wants answers.

She wants more from life on the ground.

Most of all, she wants to know she’s not alone on her quest.


I believe I represent many frustrated women who deeply desire authentic, creative expression… and they’re not DOING it.

Some way… in any form.

As a fairly non-religious Jewish woman,  who’s always believed ashes to ashes, dust to dust, my DESTINY QUEST has shown me that the universe cares what we do.

Furthermore, the universe is involved.

In the midst of chaos, there’s an intelligent universe that holds a plan for each of us.

However, and this is key, we cannot fulfill that plan until we crawl.

This is why my book is about a caterpillar…

Crawling is as important as flying in life.

We must crawl through our heartache and grief before we embrace our creative, expressive destiny.

Once we do that… our destiny is filled with joy and ease.

Now, I run my own online education business as a soul coach and author, helping people SEIZE THEIR DESTINY.

this moment is yours.

this moment is yours.

Do you ever feel…
This is MY life and these are MY days… and I don’t want to waste them.
I don’t want to give them away.
Do you ever think something so self-involved?
I hope so.
Because when you spend your time worrying and thinking about other people’s problems.
Or worrying and thinking about your own problems.
You know it’s a life killer…
You know it.
But, you get sucked in.
Because the incessant thoughts kick in…


Will I get all of this done?
Actually, I’m certain I WON’T get all of this done and if I drop one ball, everything is going to #%@.
Or even deeper thoughts…
What if I can’t have the life I want?
Oh, that’s a scary thought.
It’s those thoughts that keep you up at night.
When your mind goes there… there are two things you need:
The ability to stop and breathe.
And the ability to quiet your mind.
Remember the fire drill you learned in school?
Stop, drop and roll?
Well, instead think:
Stop, breathe, PEACE!
Or… stop, breathe, quiet.
Then run to your nearest yogi studio…
Not yoga… too much pressure there:)
YOGI studio.
One that you create in your car, your home, in nature…
Or in your mind.
Especially in your mind.
It’s that place where you can go and just be quiet.
Even if it’s for two seconds.
Two peaceful seconds where you don’t have to save the world.


This life skill of being able to quiet the mind…
Well, it takes practice.
I’ve been doing it for 20 years and I’m proud to say that I’ve worked my way up to 5 minutes.
Now, hopefully you’ll be far more talented at it…
But, 5 minutes is pretty nice!
Part of transforming in life… so you’ll be who you’re meant to be.
And live a one of a kind, this is your life…
One part is practicing being quiet.
It’s at the top of the list of… Simple, but not easy.
But, practice it a little bit each day.
When you catch yourself worrying…
Think: Stop, breathe, and quiet.
And remember, no matter who you’re helping…
Or who you live with…
Or who you want to BE THERE for…
This moment is yours.
You don’t have to give it away.