This is your life 2.

“And if I don’t
I will die,
because I have to be
a butterfly.”
So … I wrote a poem about this when I was about 8 years.
A caterpillar is destined to be a butterfly.  It’s in the cards.
This grayish green, wet crinkled straw paper looking insect turns into a magnificent, flying example of transformation.
Of being true to yourself.
Yet, the road getting there is a winding one at that.
Decades later I wrote a book about it.  In my story, my sweet caterpillar is terrified of leaving the garden.
She is terrified of the unknown.
And of dropping into the well of all healing.
Yet, she does.
It’s her destiny.
And she doesn’t even know it.  But, destiny knows it.
Something bigger knows it.
She takes that giant leap of faith … or that giant crawl of perseverance.
All sixteen legs are in.
She knows something more is out there and she must know what that is.
The pieces within her that she’s ignored will not be ignored any longer.
The still place within her that speaks to her at night … will not be kept asleep.
This inner place knows exactly who you are and what your life is for.
The place of purpose and soul.
#self-love, #purpose

Your happiness and peace are based on this relationship.

The relationship I’m referring to is the one you have with yourself.

And something bigger that helps you understand where you fit into it all.

Your happiness and peace is based on this relationship.

Because of the level of deep connection, belonging, and purpose … that comes from this relationship.

Then, you do not rely on what is happening externally in your life to feel connected.

You are able to create this within yourself because … You are clear on what you’re here to do.

So how do we know what that is?

By having a relationship with ourselves … a nice, lovely, connected, honest, trustworthy relationship with ourselves.

By paying attention to how we feel.

By paying attention to what we need.

By noticing what is going on with us … without self-judgement.

Honestly, I’m probably overusing the word connection … so I will work on coming up with a better word …

How about self-love?

Once you feel it … it’s no longer acceptable to not feel it.

It’s just too darn uncomfortable to be disconnected from ourselves once we’ve been truly connected.

#self-love, #purpose, #connection