Recognize a new voice.

Recognize a new voice.

Do you recognize a new voice that’s all your own?
Yesterday I read a post on FB that said:
Walk into every room with the knowledge that God sent me there.
I thought: Wow.
Like EVERY room?
I wished for a moment that I could live with that much conviction.
Then, I thought:  Well, maybe I can.
But, idk.
But, probably.
I find myself embodying more and more of that same feeling as I grow deeper into life.

Recognize a new voice.

“…and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world…” ~ Mary Oliver, The Journey
I love her so much.
As we’re true to ourselves, and recognize that new voice…

A blast into the sky.

We can leave this life, decades from now, with a blast into the sky.
Instead of slowly burning out.
So, my new way of entering a room will be what she said:
Walk into every room with the knowledge that God sent me there.
Wow, I better bring it into the room next time.
But, if I’m walking into each room knowing I was sent there…
I’d probably skip into the room.
But, that would be annoying to others.
And myself.
So, I’ll just walk in normally… and remind myself that I was sent there.
And so was everyone else.
Maybe your gut is all wrong.

Maybe your gut is all wrong.

If you’ve been feeding your gut a steady diet of fear, then, maybe your gut is all wrong.
It takes grit.
However, how do we KNOW what we can trust?
Good question.
I have no idea.
Email me when you have the answer.
OK, not really…
So, here’s the answer:
You know what you can trust once you know who the hell you are.
Then, your inner knowing will be accurate. It really will.


I love the show Survivor.
There might even be an intervention performed by my sons because of how much I love this show.
There are 40 seasons.  Please don’t ask how many I’ve watched.
And I wish I had a dollar for how many of the players say:
I trust my gut.
I can ALWAYS trust my gut.
And then they get this all knowing look on their face like they know something we don’t.
Like they’re somehow anointed.
Then, they’re usually wrong.
Their gut was WAY off.
Like 99% of the time.
Yet, they believed their gut was SO right.
Give me a break.
However, it’s not totally their fault.
Society tell us: Trust your gut.
If you trust your gut, you’ll have the keys to the kingdom.
Not true.  Total BS.
Because what if your gut is one step from IBS?
(irritable bowel…)
What if your gut has been fed a steady diet of sugar and red meat?
Can you trust THAT gut?
You can’t feed your gut total garbage… and assume it’s all knowing.


However, we can trust ourselves when we’re true to ourselves.
Not just Saturday afternoons.
Show up for you.
Choose yourself, as James Altucher would say.
If you’re putting in constant FEAR, please don’t trust your gut. 
So in summary…
You can trust yourself, and your gut, when you know who the hell you are.
And let the finding of you be as fun as the seeking.
Whatever IT was

Whatever IT was

You want to make the most of your life, right? So you can say you did it, whatever IT was.
So that at the end you can say…
I lived MY life.
And did it.
And that’s a big one, isn’t it?
To be able to say… you did it.

Whatever IT was.

Because, what people say over and over is:
I’m afraid I’ll never do what I always wanted.  
Will I ever have the kind of love I want? The problem is…
And leaves us giantly disappointed.
Like most people, as a kid I was soooo ME.
A jungle gym flying, play writing, weirdish girl who did stuff.
I just did it.
I didn’t care if I failed.
Kids don’t care.
Then, somewhere along the way I got careful.  
There’s dozens of tiny events.
The father in law who said:  “Who’d listen to you?”
The system that says:  Stay at IBM and get the gold watch.
The wounds that tell you:  You don’t deserve love.  


At the end of people’s lives they wish they’d been braver.
It’s that simple.
But there’s work to be done so that you can be brave.
Sometimes you need help to be your true self.
Why are you the one to do this?

Why are you the one to do this?

What do you think about ALL the time?

What do you think about ALL the time?

Are you fulfilling the promise of your life?
Meaning, are you showing up for yourself?
That means…
Self-respect for what you feel compelled toward.
Yes, compelled.
That thing you think about ALL the time.
How many more years will you think about it?
Yes, life gets in the way.
So we say.
However, is there ever a good reason to keep yourself parked on the bench?
I don’t think so.
Actually, it’s a resounding: NOPE.
Your soul is the truest part of you…
And life needs to conform to what your soul is here for.
Your soul is here to love and be loved.
Your soul is here to serve.
Join the Midlife Truth Challenge and spend a little coveted time identifying what’s true for you.
If you don’t carve out the time… you won’t do it.
Human nature says that we will continue to avoid ourselves.
So, show up for yourself and your soul.