Longing for a true life…

One of the greatest writers of all time is Leo Tolstoy.

In his short story, The Death of Ivan Ilych, the main character is successful by most standards in life.

He was a respected judge, he had a beautiful family, he was rich.

But on his death bed he wonders…

Was my life all wrong?

That’s a sobering thought to have before you take your last breath.

What do you think he’s referring to?

Possibly that…

He wasn’t true to himself.

He was a judge, maybe he wishes he owned a coin shop.

He was married…

Maybe his marriage wasn’t what he wanted and he had no idea how to fix it.

He was a father…

Maybe his son never wanted to spend time with him.

The hero of the story wasn’t happy with the life he was about to end.

Leo Tolstoy is considered a spiritual leader as well.

Because he wrote about man’s connection to his own spirit, without saying it straight out.

When a man ponders his life from his death bed…

He’s probably talking to the deepest part of himself.

He’s possibly talking to something greater than himself.

Many people might be fine with their lives in general.

In general.

They feel fortunate to have what they have.

But, some inner aspect of them is not being fed.

And they ignore this hunger.

That hunger is where the magic begins.

Because the hunger leads you where you’re meant to go.

In your personal life.


And in your work.

Pay attention to your hunger.

Because it’s telling you something important that your soul needs.

The purest, deepest part of you.

The purest, deepest part of you.

You hear about tuning in to your children, your partner, or your surroundings …

And we know that means to lean into what they’re feeling…
Or what is happening.
But, what does it mean to tune in to yourself?
It means to drop into what your soul needs.
Now… how is this any different than what YOU need?
A soul need is a deeper need. It’s a bottom line need.
Since the soul is the essence of who you are, it’s slightly different than who YOU are.
Because YOU have a body and circumstances, both of which are temporary.
While the soul is eternal and connected.
So to illustrate with a very light example…
If you’re craving chocolate cake… is this something your soul wants?
Or maybe your soul wants deeper nourishment?
If chocolate cake will give you true nourishment, awesome:)
However, tune in to your soul and see… is this nourishing me?
It might be.  It might not be…
It’s between you and your soul to decide.
How lovely a convo is that?
Your soul knows.
No judgment, just leaning in and having a conversation with the deepest, purest, most present part of you.

Energy Vampires … and why it’s not worth it.

Christiane Northrup, M.D. is helping us understand how we can evade energy vampires.
I’m grateful because this topic comes up A LOT in my work as a soul coach.  The power of thought and how negative thinking is literally killing people is the main theme in my futuristic book, The Thought Store.
Have you ever walked away from someone feeling blah or angry or anxious, and wondering what the heck happened?
And then you’re wondering how you got sucked in?
Because, the subject people seem to be bothered by, more than any other subject, is other people.

We can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

Can’t live with them … can’t live without them! ?
Other people is the number one reason people leave their jobs.
And sometimes, only sometimes … those “other people” are energy vampires.
Christiane Northrup’s best selling book:  Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships that Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power, talks about this issue in depth.
And hey … we’ve all had bad days or months.  Quite honestly, when my husband passed away, I wasn’t fun to be around for years.
It was tough, and I had to nurse my wounds for a long time.
But, do you have someone you’ve known forever and you feel drained by the relationship?
Or maybe you’ve known them for a short time, and you didn’t realize they were slowly draining the life out of you?
If you want a harmonious and fun life, this includes NOT allowing yourself to be drained by other people, even if you feel badly for them.

Thoughts to empower you.

You can affirm:

I love you, I forgive you, I’m letting you go.

I deserve peace.

I am only allowing peaceful relationships in my life.

I allow myself to protect my energy.

When I feel drained, I will take a look at what’s happening.

I am committed to being around good energy.

I am attracted loving, responsible, caring, empowered people into my life.

I am letting you go.