7 Amazing Things To Know About Your Spirit Guides

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The presence of spirit guides is one of the most amazing gifts of life.

Many of us seek this personal form of guidance because we feel lost and confused at times.

As an experienced soul coach, who has also suffered a major loss, I’ve had significant guidance and communication with my own spirit guides for almost 15 years now.

They offer me immediate comfort and support when I need it.

You’re here to tune into this outer world and find out more about spirit guides!

Here are 7 things you need to know about YOUR spirit guides to improve your own connection and receive deep comfort and clarity in your life.

Your guides are with you

Your guides are with you 24/7.

I believe my guides played a major role in helping me find myself after my husband passed away years ago.

Here are 7 wonderful things to know about your spirit guides… I can’t imagine life without them:)

  • Spirit guides are real.
  • Spirit guides can visit you in your dreams.
  • You have more than one.
  • Deceased relatives can be guides.
  • You can talk to your spirit guides.
  • Your guides communicate with you
  • Your spirit guides will help you find yourself.
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What are spirit guides?

Spirit Guides are light beings outside the physical world that offer comfort and guidance along your soul’s path. They are a source of healing and comfort.

They know you on a soul level.

They are assigned to you at birth based on what they need to teach and what you need to learn.

They continue to evolve on the other side.

So basically, we’re learning together.

For example, I am learning to speak my truth and one of my spirit guides, who was my husband, had a similar soul lesson in life.

So, his learning continues on the other side as I’m working on this here.

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Here’s more detail about 7 amazing things to know about your guides.

1. Spirit guides are real

100%, spirit guides are real. Your spirit guides are with you regularly.

Just as your soul is real.

Go here for 7 ways to connect with your soul.

It’s as natural as your cat following you around the house.

And, you have an entire spirit team to help you fulfill your destiny.

I didn’t have the concept of spirit guides or the spirit world until my husband passed away years ago. Since then a series of events have helped me welcome their presence in my life.

Now, I rely on their guidance and trust them in my life.

Every person has one, two or more spirit guides with them throughout life.

Part of spirituality and soulfulness is acknowledging things we can’t see…

Spirit guides may have been on earth before…. but maybe not.

In Journey of Souls, Michael Newton, Ph.D. describes “guides” (it reads like he’s using that term to describe spirit guides.)

Guides are figures of grace in our existence because they are part of the fulfillment of our destiny.”

We can reincarnate with the same guides or guides will be reassigned as we evolve, learn, and grow based on their areas of expertise.

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2. Spirit guides can visit you in dreams

Six months after my husband passed he came to me in a dream.

In my dream, I was vacuuming a very sterile, but bright, white house and the doorbell rang. It’s my husband and he looks healthy, happy, and so big he couldn’t get through the door.

He looked like a Greek God.

I’m shocked to see him and I say: What are you doing here?

This is all in the dream…

So, we had a conversation I won’t get into, but it was so real.

You’ve had that happen in your life right?

Where a snippet of your dream feels so real that you’re convinced that it really happened.

After this happened I became obsessed with the idea of loved ones who’ve passed visiting us in dreams.

I read.. The Dreamers Book of the Dead: A Soul Travelers Guide to Death, Dying and the Other Side.

This book describes dream visitations like they’re a normal occurrence and doesn’t everyone have them?

Later, thank goodness, my husband made it clear to me that he was one of my guides.

3. You have more than one spirit guide

According to Rebecca Rosen in Spirited you have more than one spirit guide. Actually, we have multiple spirit guides, about 2 or 3 in daily life.

Guardian angels are with us from birth until death, but not spirit guides. They are with us for as long as we both need to work together.

As I said above, it can be a deceased loved one, but not usually.

I had never even heard the term spirit guide until six months after my husband passed.

The entire idea was pleasing to me, but foreign.

Enjoy the idea of having someone above guiding you, comforting you and looking out for you.

It takes some getting used to, but it’s awesome.

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4. Deceased relatives can be guides

Deceased loved ones may be a spirit guide of yours.

Although by husband visited me in a dream, he did not tell me that he was a spirit guide of mine or make any reference to that. He had other messages to deliver to me about my life and my destiny.

It wasn’t until my mother’s childhood friend came out of nowhere and told me that my husband was one of my spirit guides.

I felt I had one spirit guide with me all of the time and now I was certain that I had at least two, and my husband was one of them.

By the time she told me, I had guessed it because at this point I was reading all kinds of material about the spiritual realm.

But, she validated that for me.

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Which way should you go?

Deceased relatives show you it’s them

When my husband wants to show me that he’s with me, he shows me a random memory that only he would know about.

I’ll be making toast in the morning and suddenly I’ll have a memory of when I was in IBM training in Vermont many years ago.

The memory your guides give you is usually something you haven’t thought about hardly ever, or not recently.

At that time he was with me in body, mind and spirit. So when I see the picture of it, I instantly get a warm rush and I know that he’s showing that to me.

From what I understand, deceased loved ones are not typically guides, but they can be.

It depends on if they’re properly trained to do so and if the thing they are meant to learn aligns with what we are meant to learn.

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5. You can talk to your spirit guides

Let’s step back for a moment.

If it’s true that spirit guides are looking out for your highest good and greatest healing in life, you’d obviously want to talk with them regularly.

But how is that convo supposed to go?

Here’s my post questions for spirit guides for a deeper dive into the exact kinds questions you might ask.

There are NO hard and fast rules, except this one: Ask for guidance with an honest heart.

You can’t fake it with your guides.

So, you start with: Please help me with BLANK. Or, please guide me about BLANK. Or, please comfort me as I go to the dentist.

You can be that specific…. or maybe you need more guidance than that.

The universe communicates via “coincidences” (there’s no such thing) and your spirit guides.

Universe, what would you have me do?

Or, take an in and out breath and ask a general question: Universe, what would you have me do?

It’s that simple. What would you have me do?

I did this while visiting my son in New York one summer and received the most interesting answer that I didn’t expect.

Oh, and the answer didn’t come for 2 weeks after my trip!

But after you ask, practice quieting your mind. The best way is to focus on your breath, as we do in meditation.

Meditation in daily life will help you connect with your spirit guides, ascended masters, akashic guides, and other beings of light in the spiritual realm.

Watch your 60,000 thoughts come and go, as I talk about in The Thought Store, as you focus on your breath.

Now, this is REALLY hard to do.

At least I think so.

And do this for 3 minutes, 10 minutes, or hours, depending on how long you can sit in your own presence while acknowledging a greater presence.

As I do this I notice my energy shift.

This greater presence can be God, your spirit guides, the universe, or whatever that looks like for you.

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This is KEY…

Choose the spiritual belief system that resonates with your soul.

Not my soul.

Not your mom’s soul.

Not your friend’s soul who is on a different path…

Not family members.

Not someone trying to push their religion… nope.

Your soul likes when you are connecting with your spirit.

Again, can go here for a deeper dive on 3 kinds of questions to ask spirit guides.

And soul vibes help you connect with this magical side of life.

You Can Ask for Signs

Sometimes I’ll ask specifically for a sign. For example, please give me a sign if this is the right direction to take my business.

Or, please let me know if this relationship is the right fit for me.

You may not get an answer right away, or your guide might be holding back because they want you to figure it out yourself.

Each spirit guide has a different way of working with us.

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How to ask for Signs

As Rebecca Rosen says, Just ask!

Kind of like Nike.. Just do it!

It doesn’t have to be a formal thing or a seance or anything like that!

Just speak from the heart. Show them your sincere desire to understand, to have help, to learn and grow.

Meditation is strongly encouraged as it helps you to quiet your mind and hear guidance.

Each morning, I sit quietly and breathe deeply for about three breaths.

Then, I say: I invite my Guardian angel and Spirit guides into the moment with me. Thank you. Would you please help me with….

6. Your spirit guides communicate with you

Here are ways that your spiritual team or spirit guides are giving you signs and communicating with you after you’ve directed a question to them.

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Spirit guides use clairs or senses

Guides use different ‘clairs’ to communicate with you depending on which sense or clair is strongest for hearing soul guidance.

Think of ‘clairs’ as senses. Clair comes from the French meaning, clear.

The four clairs match up with our own senses:

  • Clairvoyence – Clear seeing
  • Clairaudience – Clear hearing
  • Clairsentience – Clear feeling
  • Claircognizance – Clear knowing

For example, after asking my spirit guides the specific question above, I may get a feeling that going to Paris in September is not the right time.

Or, I might hear someone say something about Paris and I know intuitively it was meant for me to hear.

Or, something will come across my desk, an opportunity or a windfall of money, that makes it very easy for me to go to Paris… and there’s my answer.

The answer isn’t always clear or immediate, but know that your question is heard and your angels and spirit guides will give you what you need.

You can ask your spirit guides any empowering questions you have.

Guides can show you a feeling

I regularly feel something I call… warm rushes.

One way I receive guidance is that I feel a warm rush. I’ll feel this whole body warm sensation of peace and safety.

It’s very cool and wonderful.

And I KNOW at the time that it’s coming from my guides.

I coined this term because it describes exactly what I feel.

When I get a warm rush, I see it as validation of what I was thinking or doing, or it’s my angels and guides telling me that they’re with me.

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An influx of positive energy

One of the ways that you know that you’re receiving guidance is that you feel a lot of increased energy in a certain direction.

Maybe it’s not it’s not as clear is a specific idea or a sign, but you have increased energy around it.

For example, I asked my spirit team if I should get a literary agent for the new edition of my book or if I should self-publish again.

A little while after I made my clear question known, I felt all of this positive energy around self-publishing.

All of these great ideas were flooding in about how it would look, how I would alter the title, and how I would market it.

I took this influx of positive energy and ideas as a sign that self-publishing might be the way to go.

New age and modern mystics

Actually, I am not drawn to modern mystics and most new-age ideas. I’ve never been to a psychic or a tarot card reader and I don’t want my aura read, etc.

Most of that isn’t interesting to me.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it! We all do this spiritual thing differently.

But, with spirit guides, now we’re talking about a close and intimate relationship with the spirit world… that feels accessible to me.


I have to throw in a word on synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence.

I love how it constantly reminds me that my spirit guides are with me.

When something feels like… oh, what a coincidence, but it’s not!

There’s deeper meaning behind what happened that we can learn from.

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Develop a Relationship

For me, like the book Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, it’s about having a relationship with your spirit guides.

And how do we have any close relationship?

  • We check in regularly.
  • We ask for advice.
  • We’re honest about what we’re feeling.
  • We listen to what they’re telling us.

7. Your spirit guides help you find yourself

Absolutely, spirit guides will help you find yourself.

And connect with your soul.

The period after my husband passed was obviously very, very difficult. We had two sons, ages 11 and 17 and all of us were grief-stricken.

I talk about the stages to finding yourself again after loss, if you want more detail. But, for this article, I only want to talk about the role my spirit guides played.

Once I realized that…

  1. I had spirit guides and,
  2. My husband was a spirit guide,
  3. They were there to help me heal… I leaned on them heavily.

Quite honestly, I was talking to the wall half the time, my therapist, my wonderful mother and my friends… but I was so eager to bring in more spiritual guidance.

So, during this period of grief and feeling lost, they comforted me A LOT. Maybe it was because I knew my husband was with me as well, but their comfort was huge for me.

Plus, they planted the idea of a book in my head about a caterpillar who doesn’t believe she can be a butterfly.

And then, they planted another idea in my mind about the power of high-vibe thinking™.

And what it means to have a high-vibe life.

They know what we’re meant to share in this life.

Your spirit guides are nudging you with great ideas all of the time!

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Who’s on your spirit team?

For me, my spirit team has God/Source/Universe, a greater power that’s in charge.

Then, there are helpers underneath that can be referred to as a Spirit Team.

As you’re more soul-centric, you get a feel for who’s on your team.

For me, this consists of my spirit guides, a guardian angel, ascended masters, archangel Raphael, archangel Michael, akashic beings, and my deceased husband, who is also a guide.

I understand that we have at least one spirit guide and usually two or more assigned to us at different times, based on what we need to learn during that time.

Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael are two archangels I call on because they are helpful for healing and protection.

NOTE: This work is not based on any religion. However, it doesn’t exclude the religious context of some of these terms.

Your spirit team

You have an entire spirit team to help you evolve and fulfill your destiny. This includes guardian angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones.

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Recent activity with my spirit guides

I’ve been doing a lot of spiritual work lately, focused more than usual in a certain area of my life, mainly: being present and shrinking the pain body that Eckhart Tolle speaks about.

We don’t want to be stuck in the past, reliving it each moment.

Interestingly, I’ve been walking the same path for my morning walk for about five years and I recently found a new path. I love this new path and I feel the presence of spirit very deeply on this path.

Over the past two weeks, literally DOZENS of dragonflies have been around me along my walk. I didn’t think it was unusual at first, even though I thought it was very cool. After a few days I realized… this is something more.

Then, last week I pop out of my car to pick up this rock that I saw and liked… yea, I love rocks. While I’m getting the rock, a dragonfly enters my car.

One dragonfly gets in the passenger seat!

So, now I notice. I believe that insects, animals etc. that pop onto your path can be symbolic and usually are. I know this one arrived with spirit’s help.

My guides are with me always and I knew they were giving me this gift to tell me that they’re with me. Also, to tell me that the work I’m doing is being noticed and that new transitions are coming.

I look up dragonfly symbolism, “In almost every part of the world, the Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.”

Connect with your spirit guides in nature

I’ve found that it’s easier for me to feel the presence of my spirit guides when I’m in nature. Some people I’ve talked with have nature spirits.

Personally, I’ve never encountered nature spirits, so it’s not part of my spiritual practice.

One advantage of nature is that you can quiet the mind more easily, and therefore feel elevated, higher vibration, and positive vibes.

In this higher state, invite in your spirit guides and ask for clarity, guidance, or more information.

To reconnect with your higher-self, here’s how to have a higher-self meditation practice.

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Final thoughts

You have guides who are part of a spirit team that will help you along your soul’s path throughout your life.

Guides and will not jump in unless invited, unless it’s a life saving situation. You have free will. But, they’re there to help you.

They’re even there to help you find your soulmates.

Lean on a particular spirit guide if you feel connected to one over another, as I do my husband.

Not everyone will be open to this tremendous gift, but hopefully you are.

Spirit guides are here to assist God in helping you fulfill your brightest potential and greatest healing once we’ve mastered life’s lessons.

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