The High-Vibe Life… How To Be High Vibration Each Day

high vibe life

Are you craving more positivity, energy, and fulfillment in your daily existence?

In this busy world where low-vibes can take over, a high vibe life is an inspired idea!

As the author of The Thought Store, a book about vibes and vibrations, and how people are dying from low-vibe thinking… I’m passionate about this subject.

You’re here because you most likely want to live with higher vibes too!

In this article I explain what a high-vibe life is and how to make your existence higher vibration.

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What is a High-Vibe Life?

A high-vibe life is about raising your vibrational frequency to make the most of your life.

The universe is energy.

All of it.

Including the body, places, objects, thoughts, and feelings. 

And the goal is to be at a higher frequency.

A frequency of love, healing, and courage is higher.

A frequency of shame, guilt and fear is lower.

Let’s be honest….

We all want love and we all feel shame, guilt and fear at some point.

Because we’ve been hurt, have a past, and have issues we’re working on.

That’s OK!

It’s part of a high-vibe life to be working on yourself, not being positive all the time.

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High-vibe thinking™ in the world

I coined the term high-vibe thinking™ to describe thinking that supports you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

You are a complex, multi-dimensional being, and positive thinking that expects you to be positive when you’re not feelin’ it… is toxic positivity.

High-vibe thinking™ is using the energy of thoughts to lift your own physical energy

High-vibe life and emotions

A high-vibration life is not about avoiding uncomfortable emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, etc

Instead it’s having the mindset that emotions are valid AND we can and must move through them.

We hold onto emotions as long as we need to… then we have the innate ability to let them go. 

The problem is holding onto our negative emotions with our thinking

Thoughts like: I’ll never be free of this. i’m not enough. I’m not doing enough. I can’t let this go… all keep us stuck in a pit of low-vibes. 

A high vibe life embraces being a whole human being.

We have positive and negative, ying and yang, happy and sad, afraid and brave… we live on a continuum of emotional energies! 

A high vibe life makes room for being real about your experience.

What’s happened that you’re working through? How can you honor that and not carry it until the end of your days?

A high-vibe life empowers you to believe in your bigness.

We need to allow all emotions because ignoring them creates more low vibrations!!! 

The opposite of what we want.

How to be a high-vibe person?

How can you be a high-vibe person?

This begins with paying attention to your thoughts and emotions.

Make your thoughts high-vibration, the thoughts you’re aware of, and feel all of your emotions.

Thoughts and emotions can create good vibes or bad vibes.

Then, pay attention to which situations and people you put your precious body near!

Here are 6 ways to have a high-vibe life…

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1. Grow self-love

Self-love is clearly a journey and an essential one for us to fulfill our destiny.

Don’t judge yourself for being slow with this… it’s OK. Only you know what it’s like to be you!

Here are over 200 beautiful affirmations for self-love to help you to go along with the emotional healing work.

And here are self-love exercises to try as well.

2. Begin the day in gratitude

It’s soulful to begin each day with a self-loving, uplifting morning ritual that sets the tone for feeling good throughout the day.

It’s good for the soul.

And we want to be connected to the soul… it’s high-vibe for sure.

This could include journaling, prayer, exercise, affirmations, or a few moments of quiet reflection.

Having an attitude of gratitude is 100% high vibration.

3. Choose high-vibe thinking™ 

High-vibe thinking™ supports you as a whole human being with bad moods, pain, and a past.

The operative idea is that we have to feel what is real, while keeping our thoughts high vibration.

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4. Choose high-vibe places

Vibes are contagious.

The universe is energy including the body, places, objects, thoughts, and feelings, then we need to make choices to increase our vibration, so we we’re vibing with people and places.

So choose to be in places where you won’t be dragged down by other people’s negative energy… or the negative energy of the place.

Be in places that are healthy, inspired, and where you feel safe.

Out in nature, in beautiful vibrant cities, in homes that feel loving and safe, and with friends you can be yourself around.

Situations that feel stressful and negative are a not going to produce the results you want.

Surround yourself with uplifting music, inspirational quotes, and items that bring you joy and inspiration.

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5. Live authentically

Each person elevates their frequency when they are true to themselves.

This is imperative.

Faking it is low-vibration.

Imagine a world where people live authentically and respect the feelings of others!

Without having to take care of everyone else’s feelings of course.

6. Consider forgiveness

Forgiveness of yourself and others is so very very personal

Should we tell someone who’s been assaulted as a child to forgive their perpetrator? 

We have no right.

It’s up to each one of us to work on a path of forgiveness… of ourselves or others or both.

In this article on forgiveness I have a 2 minute audio with loving self-talk and a forgiveness prayer from Lisa Barnett to help people move into the possibility of forgiveness. 

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Power vs Force: Levels of consciousness and energy

Dr. David Hawkins, who’s slogan is, Live Your Life Like a Prayer, did decades of research and created a Map of Consciousness to help us understand the energy of emotions. (see below)

The truth is that emotions affect your health!

For example, shame is the lowest frequency… much lower than fear. 

Courage is a lower frequency than love, but higher than neutrality.

One would think that love is the highest vibration, but according to Dr. Hawkins, not so!

Enlightenment is the highest level of human consciousness.

I find this very helpful, so I can let go of my shame and not operate at that lower frequency longer than absolutely necessary!!

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Final thoughts

The universe is energy.

Which frequency does each person want to exist at? 

You deserve to feel happy and experience wellness, but there’s work to be done.

It’s our responsibility to do the work, so that we don’t hurt others more than necessary:)

Your thoughts have an energy frequency. 

And, your emotions have an energy frequency. However, we want to allow all emotions because ignoring them creates more low vibration!!! 

As we pay attention to what we’re feeling and thinking, it’s a great start to high vibe living.

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