Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

The promise of your life…

If part of you knows there’s more to you than has surfaced so far…
So far.
I get that.
In Passages by Gail Sheehy, she talks about the midlife passage of entering age 40 or more.
The age when you realize that you don’t have forever.
There’s an end date.
And if you want to live in a way that deepens your connection to yourself and this universe…
Or to others.
Or you want go after a dream.
Or you want to express something to one person…
Or the world.
Time is ticking.

Time waits for no one.

As it’s been said, Time waits for no one.
So I encourage you…
To support yourself 100% on whatever you believe you’re here to do with your one wild and precious life.*
Don’t let any person stop you.
And don’t let fear and self-doubt make your decisions for you.
Because the desire you carry you have for a reason.
It has a definite reason.
But this takes some courage.
And it’s worth it.
The joy that comes from a life fully lived…
It’s worth it.
And the fear that your soul will be left lying limp…
That’s not good.
It’s why I do this work.
The thought of souls lying limp around the world… ugh.
I saw Pixar’s Soul this week, so beautiful btw.
And it underlines the beauty and promise of each life.
So, I’ll ask the hard question…
Are you fulfilling the promise of your life?
Just a question to ask going into 2022.
A year of change and promise.
Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling year.

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