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New Soul Blueprint: The Soul Doesn’t Care If You’re Wrong


The soul doesn’t care if you’re wrong or right.

Authentic expression is much more satisfying to the soul.

However, we don’t typically believe we have what it takes to build out the soul blueprint.

It’s a concept in our heads… but we’re not living as if it’s possible.

Drawing from my own spiritual quest and work as a soul coach, I offer insights to help you believe in your innate potential.

You want to know what’s meant for you. You want answers about your life.

In this article, you’ll discover a deeper understanding of your soul blueprint and the outline that’s possible, if you choose to build it.

The soul blueprint defined

The term soul blueprint speaks to the possibilities within you from the day you’re born. It’s an outline of what is possible for your soul’s evolution in this life.

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First, the soul must be true

Again, the soul doesn’t care if we’re wrong or right.

The soul just wants to know that we did it our way, says the incredible poet, David Whyte, in Poems of Self-Compassion.

The soul just wants to know if we did it our way. Our way.

Again, it’s not about wrong or right. It’s so tough as human beings because we always want to be right.

But, the soul is saying, Are you showing up authentically? Are you expressing who you are in your words, in your actions?

Express your soul blueprint in a way that acknowledges that we are all one soul and you feel a deep sense of peace.

The soul isn’t about getting your way… the soul doesn’t come from a place of pushing.

Instead, the soul comes from a place of truth.

You’ll believe in yourself more and more as you connect with yourself in this deep and true way.

The soul in its purest form has this kind of generosity of spirit. 

Soul blueprint: What is it?

You can think of the soul blueprint as a blueprint for your life.

There is a bigger plan for you.

Much like building a home, there’s a blueprint of what the home will be… if you choose to build it

Choosing to or not choosing to is free will.

So, whether or not you fulfill your soul’s destiny at any given moment is largely based on your choices.

I’ve heard of people offering a soul blueprint reading, but I don’t. I’m more interested in empowering people to believe in the power of their own soul, than in soul blueprint readings.

On a soul level, I feel that people uncover the soul by walking the path toward their own truth.

The soul’s journey is an individual one that we must walk out. Building the soul blueprint is walking it out!

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1. The soul blueprint requires you grow in self-love

The first part of the soul blueprint is where you are on the self-love meter.

Meaning, how much work will you have to do to grow in self love.

As you love your own uniqueness and see how you can give and learn in this life, this fulfills part of the blueprint, part of your destiny.

For me, my self-love journey started with Care of The Soul: Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life by Thomas Moore.

The book found me a decade before my husband passed away when I was searching for greater self-love.

Self-love that comes from your innermost self, the dark and joyful sides, teaches you self-acceptance.

As well as acceptance of the trials you’ve been given in your life.

This creates greater inner peace because you’re not fighting yourself or life all the time!!!!

As a result, the soul and my connection to the world became my faith.

I fell in love with the idea of a unique soul… and obsessed with the commitment to love myself even though I am imperfect.

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2. Connection to a higher power or intelligence

Part of the soul blueprint is acknowledging that you are directly connected to a higher power or intelligence.

You are connected to something bigger, even if you don’t feel the connection.

It’s there.

The soul must be connected to the divine… whatever that is for you. The soul blueprint has that we do not exist in a vacuum!

So, be able to go to a place of stillness, knowing, connection to source, connection to a higher power, to greater knowledge, is another part of your destiny.

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3. Self-acceptance and wholeness

Another part of the soul blueprint is soul care because it helps you embrace your complexity and beauty.

Your soul blueprint includes embracing the many sides of you.

So, even though you may say the wrong thing at the wrong time, it’s OK.

Being a whole person is allowing both ends and pieces to be present in your life.

It’s so freeing!!

When I allow myself to be whole, to have bad days, good days, bad moments, and good moments, then I can allow that in others as well.

This leads to less judgment and more energy for living.

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Allow for the mess

The soul is messy. And that’s OK.

The soul is thinking… I’m here to learn. As you think this way, you’ll have greater self-acceptance.

Things aren’t always going to fit so nicely.

For example, what I want and what you want may conflict with each other.

On top of that, what you want may conflict with other things you want!

It’s a paradox sometimes. The soul blueprint doesn’t mind paradox, human beings do! A paradox is allowing for two seemingly conflicting things to both be true.

However, our minds are saying… Hold on! This doesn’t make sense.

While the soul is saying, These two things are happening and they’re seemingly contradictory, but I hold them both to be true.

But, the soul blueprint is able to go to that place of complexity, and it doesn’t make sense, and it’s messy, but who cares?

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4. Feelings evolve the soul

The soul blueprint requires you allow your feelings and honor your experience.

That’s essential to the soul blueprint.

This is part of your destiny…. honoring and accepting your experience.

It’s tough, because the ego will fight this every step of the way.

As you become accepting and more comfortable with the wide range of your emotions, it builds belief.

As we feel (without negative thinking), we heal.

It’s thinking that ruins our experience more than emotions.

Feeling what is real for you is a muscle you build over time.

As you become comfortable with emotions, you get closer to yourself.

Because you’re allowing yourself to figure out what is happening with you.

For example, if you’re afraid, ask what am I afraid of?

Am I afraid I’ll never reach my potential?

Or, am I afraid that somebody will tell me what to do and I hate that?

5. Who you must be… is in the soul

The soul blueprint involves believing you have someone you’re meant to be.

Then… you walk it out.

And the universe helps you.

You are a co-creator in your life.

Go soul searching to uncover what the soul needs.

Plus, self-discovery helps you along.

Not to be in analysis paralysis, but the pursuit of knowing yourself better is good for building out the soul’s blueprint.

So, you’ll know what you need to be in this life.

For example, I need self-expression that comes from a deeper place. When I’m not anchored in my truth, I feel irritable.

Or, if you might feel like you’re not gonna live your dream, your life’s disappointing to you?

You feel heavy.

You feel as though you haven’t lived fully.

So anything that’s happening in your life that feels disconnected from what you’ve dreamed, you want to yell to the heavens…

That’s not what I’m seeing for my soul’s expression in this life!

I’m not seeing that at all!

Your soul’s expression in this life is to BE true to itself. That is non-negotiable for the soul blueprint.

Creative self-expression

The soul is here to express itself authentically.

I have an entire post with suggestions on how your soul can approach creative expression.

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Affirmations for the soul blueprint

I’m bringing soul blueprint into my everyday life.

I’m living in the present moment.

I listen to the voice of my soul.

I’m growing in self-compassion.

I practice self-love.

I practice self-acceptance.

I practice spiritual self care.

When life throws me challenges, I can handle it.

I forgive myself for past mistakes.

My own thoughts are peaceful.

As I grow in self-compassion, I have more compassion for others.

I am directly connected to an intelligent universe.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I am building out my soul blueprint.

Beware of the shadow

The shadow is the parts of ourselves we ignore and avoid.

As we get to know the shadow within us, we feel more inner peace.

What I did for so many years was ignore, cut off, unwilling to look at, and didn’t even like my anger, my fear, my anxiety, my disappointment.

The shadow is the part you that you don’t want to deal with or admit exists! My life dramatically changed when I was willing to go there and feel my disappointment, grief, anxiety, and my anger.

That was the first one. I was very angry.

And when I was willing to go there and feel it, it lightened me and opened me up, and made me feel better after a lot of time and patience.

So, I went into a Phoenix Process.

Elizabeth Lesser, the author of Broken Open, defines it this way, “Our lives ask us to die and to be reborn every time we confront change—change within our self and change in our world.”

I had to find myself again.

And a great deal of inner peace, well being, and mental health has emerged from that process.

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The Butterfly Silhouette

I wrote The Butterfly Silhouette after my husband passed away.

I received honorable mention at the San Francisco Book Festival for both poetry and spiritual books.

When I wrote that book, I was in a deep dark hole. I needed to be away from the light.

However, there was laughter in there too.

There were times with my sons when we were laughing, belling laughing. And we’re thinking… how can we be laughing right now? How is that possible?

But, during this time in the hole, I said, Forget you world, I don’t like this! I’m taking a break.

And that’s what I did. I lived in that hole for about two years. It was a time for my soul to rest, feel, and heal. 

The soul blueprint includes crawling times.

That’s what I call it in my course, Be Soulful, where I teach 12 principles of metamorphosis to help people find themselves again and live with depth, fulfillment, and self-love.

Final thoughts

As you feel closer to the soul, you build out the soul blueprint.

To help you start each day, let your first thought of the morning be, I love you. Just throw it out to the universe.

It might be to God, to yourself, the soul… or it might be to whomever you’re thinking of at the moment.

But, let it be the first thought of the day.

And your last thought of the night.

Wishing you your soul’s journey in peace and happiness.

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