Think.Art™ by Jeanne Nangle

Positive energy posters with healing messages and gentle reminders to be responsible for the energy you bring into a room. Think.Art™ promotes healing and healthy thinking for patients and loved ones in doctor’s offices and hospitals.

Positive Energy Zone Posters



What is Think.Art™?

It is part of my personal mission to promote healing and healthy thinking for patients in doctor’s offices and hospitals.

Years ago, when my husband got cancer, he and I were painfully aware of the fear his cancer created, for us and everyone around us.

So we did everything we could to lessen the fear and bring in healing and calm.

This is how Think.Art™ started as a seed of an idea. Instead of telling each person who visited to please leave their fear and worry at the door, which is very hard to do when you’re afraid… we delivered a message of healing the best we could.

I pinned up posters I made on my laptop at home on his hospital room walls… as a loving reminder to bring calm, healing energy into the room.

Think.Art™ is Intentional poster art to promote healing and healthy thinking for patients and loved ones in doctor’s offices and hospitals.

Our thoughts are energy, with each thought carrying an energetic frequency that can be felt, creating calm or nervousness, joy or pain, love or fear.

So, even when the outcome is not what you’d hoped for, at least you did your best.

How is Think.Art™ used?

Think.Art™ is used to create positive energy in hospitals and doctor’s offices to create a healing environment.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Think.Art™ is artwork created with the intention of creating a positive healing environment. Our energy goes toward what we think about.

Feel your emotions and think good thoughts.

Think.Art™ reminds us to think good thoughts. We may feel afraid, but we don’t have to think afraid. We may feel nervous, but we don’t have to think nervous thoughts. We may feel alone, but we can think that we are loved and cared for.

Thoughts have a vibration frequency.

As you think better thoughts, you raise your own vibration.

Thoughts are powerful.

Think.Art™ is about creating a positive energy zone in hospitals and doctor’s offices where people choose to raise the quality of their thinking … even for a short time.

Our thoughts matter.

Think.Art™ reminds all who enter to leave their understandably, fear-filled thoughts at the door and OUT of healing spaces and places.

When healing in a hospital, we are worried and afraid. Then, visitors may bring in more worry and fear, even if they don’t realize it.

Think.Art™ is a gentle reminder to clear our thoughts, lighten them, think good thoughts, think healing, think love, and think the best you can … because your thoughts matter.

Thoughts have an energy vibration. Art that helps us think better.

Positive Energy and Emotions.

Science tells us that our thinking affects the body, how we feel, and those around us.  When we are feeling low energy, stressed, afraid, worried, etc. better thoughts quickly lift our energy. This isn’t a far out theory, it’s a fact! 

If we think about what scares us, we feel more afraid.  If we worry about what can go wrong … we will see all that can go wrong. If we focus on what we don’t have, we will feel like we don’t have enough. We will feel deprived and lacking.  What we focus on gets bigger in our lives. 

While thinking high quality is key to feeling better, feeling positive, and feeling empowered, sometimes people make the mistake of ignoring how they FEEL!  When we allow our emotions, we honor ourselves. 

Let us know how we can help you!

Please let me know what your intentional poster needs are. Are they for a hospital or doctor’s office? And how many would you like to order? We have a number of options to meet your needs. Let’s talk!