Think for the soul.

Are you a bit lost and confused?  Then, you must think for the soul. 

Because the role your thinking plays in your life might be larger than you realize.

Thoughts lead to emotions and actions!

In Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, written in 1937 and one of the highest selling books of ALL TIME, he said…

“You have absolute control over one thing and that is your thoughts. The most significant and inspiring of all facts known to man.”

Add to that, we must have thinking that tells us: Feeling is good.

Certainly, it’s not natural to be positive all the time.  That’s nothing more than toxic positivity.

Therefore, honor your emotions AND think high vibe.™

Does it surprise you that emotions are key?

When you’re sad because Bridgerton Season 2 is over, these are rough things to deal with. (I miss Anthony already.)

Then, further along the spectrum of emotion, is feeling worried about your family or health or money.

Or, feeling an inner longing.

Many women and men bury longing, because it doesn’t seem like a priority.

However, at the end of the day, it IS a priority.

At the end of your life, just like in Tolstoy’s novel, you don’t want to be asking:

Was my life all wrong?

Did I never do the thing I always wanted?

Sobering thoughts.


To show up for yourself, honor your emotions, while keeping your thinking high-vibe.

This is the secret combo.

Because your feelings need to be heard, felt, expressed, etc.

So, try thinking things like: I honor what I’m feeling. I allow myself to feel BLANK. I accept exactly where I’m at right now.

B R E A T H E.

These are all high-vibe thoughts because they honor you as a healing, whole person.

These thoughts respect you where you’re at.

Feelings demand our attention!

The same rules apply for the light stuff and the heavy stuff.  And here they are:

  1. Honor your emotions.
  2. Breathe… slowly and gently.
  3. Think self-loving and life expanding.
  4. Repeat

That’s the recipe.

Honor your emotions and think self-loving and life expanding.

If you remember only ONE line from this email, let that be the one!

Because, if you love someone, then you want the best for them.


You want them to heal their life. (self-loving)

And you want them to fulfill their potential and walk the path that’s meant for them! (life expanding)

Hopefully, you’ll have the same grace with yourself:)

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