Negative thinking and/or negative people might just be one of the greatest challenges we face today.  If people are thinking negatively and talking negatively, this unfortunately influences everyone around them.  Think of negative thinking as air pollution… because it is!  Instead, feel what is real for you, always, THEN, choose thoughts that empower you and others. 

The number one reason people want to quit jobs, relationships, situations, etc. is veing overcome with hopelessness.  There are ways to think about yourself, your life, and your ability to make a difference that can change how you feel. 

Many people feel overwhelmed  by a challenging situation at home or work. It’s the number one reason people feel bogged down in negative thinking.  Instead, adjust how you view the situation and how you think about it.

Many people are working hard to strike a balance between work and home life. While making changes obviously helps, it is also important to think about what is going on with a positive mindset: empowering and supportive.  THINK HIGH QUALITY and this will shift your energy.

All action begins with a thought.

And positive thinking is a skill. 

Science tells us that our thinking affects the body, how we feel, and those around us.  When we are feeling low energy, stressed, afraid, worried, etc. better thoughts quickly lift our energy. This isn’t theory, it’s fact. 

If we think about what scares us, we feel more afraid.  If we worry about what can go wrong … we will see all that can go wrong. If we focus on what we don’t have, we will feel like we don’t have enough. We will feel deprived and lacking.  What we focus on gets bigger in our lives. 

While thinking high quality is key to feeling better, feeling positive, feeling empowered, sometimes people make the mistake of ignoring how they FEEL!  When we allow our emotions, we honor ourselves. 

As soon as you start something new, you will get resistance from somewhere. This is why coaching works so well, when you feel resistence, you have someone to walk you through it. 

Because what you focus on expands! So as you think about something more often, you are focusing on it more… which creates a more positive outcome. 

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