How to grow in


One of a kind audio program that teaches YOU how to talk to yourself.

Self-love works only IF you know how to talk to yourself!  This one of a kind program teaches YOU how to talk to yourself with greater kindness, forgiveness, etc.  It’s not just the words, it’s the tone and attitude we use with ourselves that helps us feel … loved.


Talk to yourself with greater compassion and kindness …

And sometimes we need the words, the tone, the examples … of what self-love sounds like! 



Honest expression



Be focused!

Because what we focus on improves … YOU will talk to yourself AND treat yourself with kindness, patience, and compassion.

Monthly Self-Love Challenge!

Each month I will offer YOU a self-love challenge so you can focus on ONE area each month!

A Self-love Audio library to choose from!

Depending on your mood and feelings, choose 2 to 5 minutes of loving self-talk in a wide variety of topics and emotions!


Self-love Videos!

As a member you will receive videos that cover specific areas to help you on your journey toward being more loving to yourself.  These videos are NOT available on the internet and are for members only. 

For any level of self-love!

Whether you’re struggling right now with self-love … or simply needing gentle reminders!


New topics all the time!

With many different angles on how to experience genuine self-love!


Instruction just for YOU!

This is NOT just affirmations or meditations! NO WAY!!   These audio posts teach you how to talk to yourself in a way that loves you unconditionally. 

While on the go!

In your car, on a walk, in the park, on your computer, at a cafe … grow in self-love!

What kind of short and to the point self-talk is in THINK SELF-LOVE?

Having to be perfect

Being who you really are

Patience with yourself

Forgiving yourself

Being lovable



Negative thinking

Confused and lost



Receiving new love

Told you’re too sensitive

Present in the moment

Making something easier


Feeling safe

Carrying responsibility


Putting yourself out there

Giving myself what I need



Who is Jeanne Nangle?

Soul coach,  author,  and self-love expert has empowered thousands of people to grow in self-love, and she is sharing her totally LOVING self-talk with YOU! 


I am seeing the marvelous positive changes in my thought process. I’ve started to love myself. And there is no more guilt within me. You made it possible for me. ” ~ A. B.

There is no price you can put on what you’ve done for me. People haven’t wanted to know how I feel all of my life. Thanks to you I now pay attention to myself, how I feel, and loving myself. This is a priceless gift to me.” ~ J. M.

Thank you Jeanne for helping me put time into self care, loving and accepting my feelings, and loving myself. I feel a huge difference in my life.” ~ A. P.

Limited Time Offer: One week in July 2019! 

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