Understanding The Old Soul: 9 Great Ways To Know… Are You One?

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If I had a dollar for every time a parent said about their child, They’re an old soul.

I’d be a gazillionaire…. and btw, I’ve said this too.

And yet, old souls are less common than believed.

As a soul coach, author, and explorer of human spirituality, I’ve delved into what it means to be an old soul.

And, quite clearly… I’m not one.

But, maybe you are!! And, you’re here because you’re curious about what an old soul is.

This article will help you understand the true meaning of being an old soul. And the many misconceptions about this term.

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Characteristics of an old soul

As best selling author, counseling psychologist, and master hypnotherapist Micheal Newton says, “Soul development is a complex matter where we all progress by degrees in a variety of areas in an uneven manner.”

Old souls often share these qualities…

  • High-level of spiritual consciousness
  • Independent thinking
  • Mastered life’s fundamental issues
  • Practical
  • Extraordinary coping skills
  • Not motivated by self-interest
  • Not typically public figures or standing out
  • Not necessarily sensitive types
  • A powerful spirit
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Old Soul Meaning

Old souls have evolved to the point that their time on earth is mainly used to help others increase their faith and spiritual awareness.

They maintain the bigger picture of human life while being human.

They have smaller egos that the rest of us.

They are effective at managing the complexities of life while having incredible skills at making life easier for themselves and others.

They may not be soulful, but they have a great facility for life.

If you’ve seen Defending Your Life with Albert Brooks and Meryle Streep… Meryle Streep is most likely an old soul, while Albert Brooks is not:)

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Here are characteristics of the old soul in more detail…

1. High level of spiritual consciousness

These souls see the bigger spiritual picture.

They aren’t narrow-minded or fear-based in their spirituality.

Instead, they’re inclusive, expansive and have a deep understanding of how the universe operates.

They understand we live in a complex universe with many forms of spirituality that connect us all.

2. Independent thinking

First, let’s looks at old souls from the perspective of what a “beginner soul” looks like.

According to Michael Newton, author of the amazing book Journey of Souls, on page 127, chapter: The Beginner Soul.

The beginner soul may live a number of lives in a state of confusion and ineffectiveness, influenced by an Earth curriculum which is different from the coherent and supportive harmony of the spirit world.

Less developed souls are inclined to surrender their will to the controlling aspects of human society, with a socio-economic structure which causes a large proportion of people to be subordinate to others. The inexperienced soul tends to be stifled by a lack of independent thinking.”

Whereas, old souls think for themselves.

They’re NOT driven by the need for love or approval. While that’s a common human want, it’s a younger soul ambition.

They are comfortable thinking outside the box.

They may be influenced by other great thinkers, but they don’t blindly follow them.

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3. Mastered fundamental issues

What are fundamental issues of life?

The things many people struggle with: self-love, acceptance of complexity, victim energy, needing approval… old souls have mastered these areas of life.

They don’t struggle with these issues like the average person does.

They see that life is about learning and growth.

They’ve outgrown being a victim. That old pattern is long gone in the rearview mirror.

Whether through personal experiences or an intuitive sense of understanding, they often grasp life’s deeper lessons early on.

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4. Practical

They are practical about placing themselves in situations and circumstances where their needs are met and they can influence people and make a difference in some significant way, large or small.

They’re typically in the cultural mainstream, not outliers of society.

For example, they may run departments of companies that help people heal, recover, or grow. They could be on a team that discovers a new drug that cures disease. They may help one individual work through an important lesson.

They may be incarnated guides…. spirit guides who’ve incarnated again to fulfill some purpose.

They’re less influenced by earthly concerns, yet very effective at managing life while they’re here.

5. Extraordinary coping skills

Old souls are patient with the ills of society, as they have the maturity to know that change takes time.

Their ability to cope in difficult situations is remarkable because of their exceptional insight and perspective.

They radiate composure, understanding of others, empathy and kindness.

More advanced souls exhibit a serenity that most of us wish for.

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6. Not motivated by self-interest

They may disregard their own needs to reach a goal or serve others.

As a result they may live in basic, reduced, or understated physical circumstances.

It’s just not a priority to them.

However, they will have what they need and be satisfied.

While they may enjoy material possessions, it’s not a focus for them.

The material world is a place where they operate to make the world better and impact others and does not drive their decisions.

For them, money is seen as a practical element of life, not the goal of life.

7. Not typically public figures or standing out

“It is more usual for the advanced soul to go about their good works in a quiet, unassuming manner. Without displaying self-indulgence, their fulfillment comes from improving the lives of other people.”, says Michael Newton.

They may be public figures, like Mother Teresa, but usually not.

“People who possess souls which are both old and highly advanced are scarce”, adds Michael Newton.

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8. Not necessarily sensitive types

They’re not typically who you’d expect… since we often assume that sensitive, intuitive people tend to be old souls.

But, not the case, it says in Journey of Souls, page 169.

“Being emotional, appreciating beauty, or having extrasensory impressions, including psychic talent, does not necessarily denote an advanced soul.”

9. A powerful spirit

Rebecca Rosen, a renowned spiritual medium writes in her blog post, Messy Little Angels, about a reading she did with a woman whose young child died.

Rebecca writes…

“I was hit then with the clear knowing that Owen was an older soul. I could also feel how powerful his spirit was. I said, “Even though Owen was a baby when he died, he’s actually the older soul.”

I explained, “Your son came to Earth for a brief period of time, acting as an earth angel so to speak, to help deepen your spiritual awareness and faith.

Old souls have a powerful spirit.

How many lives do you need?

How many lives do you need to evolve?

Old soul is not how many times the soul has been here.

There are “slow learners” in the cosmos whose souls have returned tens of thousands of times, yet, they’re not wise, mature, or advanced.

They keep returning because they’re, well, not learning what they need to learn.

As Michael Newton writes in Journey of Souls on page 147, “it is not an absolute prerequisite that souls have hundreds of physical lives in order to advance.

I once had a client who entered into a Level III state of awareness after only 4,000 years, an outstanding performance.”

If 4,000 years is head of the class kind of soul status… this gives you some idea of how long souls continue to learn and grow.

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Are old souls always introverted?

Not necessarily. While many old souls are introverted, some may be extroverted but still possess the deep thinking and wisdom characteristic of old souls.

How can I connect with other old souls?

Look for communities online, join clubs related to your interests, or attend events where you might find like-minded individuals. Engaging in activities you love can also lead you to connect with others who share your passions.

Can someone become an old soul over time?

While some believe that being an old soul is an inherent trait, others argue that life experiences and introspection can cultivate the qualities associated with an old soul.

How to Make the Most of Old Soul Traits

If you are an old soul… here are things you can do to embrace this aspect of you.

Do what brings joy

Make joy your compass. If doing something brings you joy, do more of it. (This is good advice for anyone!)

If something drains your energy, don’t do it unless you have to and make a plan to not have to!

Don’t operate from “have to”. Instead, operate from desire and passion.

LIving a soul-centered life lends itself to joy.

Embrace lifelong learning

Old souls often have a consistent thirst for greater knowledge about human nature, scientific evidence, human behavior, self-development, etc.

Whether it’s through reading, taking courses, or engaging in deep conversations, continuously feeding your mind can be incredibly fulfilling.

Feel deeply connected

Seek out friendships and connections with people who appreciate deep conversations and share your values.

Quality over quantity is key in relationships… and the relationships must nourish the soul.

Balance Solitude with Social Interaction

While solitude can be rejuvenating, it’s also important to engage with the world.

Find a balance that allows you to recharge while also participating in social activities that bring you joy and connection.

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Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation can help you stay grounded.

And help you connect with your soul.

These spiritual practices can enhance your intuitive abilities and provide a sense of peace amidst the chaos of modern life.

Meditation, in its many forms, helps keep the channels open.

Common Misconceptions About Old Souls

Here are qualities that DO NOT indicate being an old soul…

  1. You feel a strong sense of connection to certain periods in history. – Nope. Lots of people who are passionate about history and reenacting prior time periods do not have an old soul.
  2. You find yourself preferring deep, meaningful conversations over small talk? – You’re probably introverted, but not all introverted folks are old souls!
  3. You’re drawn to spiritual or philosophical subjects – Being spiritually oriented does not make your soul old.
  4. You’re a loner. – Maybe, maybe not. However, they’re rarely lonely. Because of how many incarnations they’ve had and their extensive growth, they feel deeply connected to the universe. Many old souls find deep fulfillment in their introspection and meaningful relationships.
  5. The myth is that the term refers to someone simply wise beyond their years... – This is vague and inaccurate because you can be wise and not an old soul.
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Final Thoughts

Being an old soul is more about the ease in which you cope with the struggles of the human experience and create faith and courage for others… than about being sensitive, intuitive, or wise beyond your years.

Old souls have a powerful spirit.

They’re less influenced by earthly concerns, yet they’re very effective at managing life while they’re here.

Possibly, true “advanced souls” are unlikely to read a blog post like this one…

But, they might!

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