Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

We need to be hopeful.

With all that’s happening in the world, we need to be hopeful.
On the heels of a worldwide pandemic and a war, it’s tempting to lose some faith.
I’ve heard a number of people I love and respect say:
The planet is slowly dying.
Humanity is doomed.
How will the world ever recover from all of this?
And I understand being discouraged.
It’s a lot.
But the old phrase: Take heart popped into my head today.
So, I googled it.  Merriam Webster dictionary says it means:
To gain courage or confidence, to begin to feel better and more hopeful.
Awww, it felt good to read that.
More hopeful.
And here’s why it’s important to be hopeful.  
There are many young people around us HEARING WHAT WE SAY!
It’s pretty cruel to spew pure pessimism in the direction of young people.
What’s young?
Younger than you.
Younger than me.
25 or less?
30 or less?  idk…
But, millennials have a lot of anxiety (a lot of people do).
And understandably so! 
Their Generation X and Boomer parents and relatives are so pessimistic, that they’re freaking out!

Have a vision of something better

Here’s an antidote…
Have a vision of something better.
And share that vision.
Even if it’s a tiny little thing that will help the world.
Feel what’s real… then, spread hopefulness!
I feel for the poor ears of kids with pessimistic parents.
Seriously. It’s air pollution.
It’s one thing, to feel what is real.
It’s healthy to feel your feelings.
This is NOT about toxic positivity!
But, there’s an art to happiness!
Because, when your thinking becomes so negative that you’re scaring the dog, that’s out of hand.
The world only goes to pot if we give into evil.
So, have a vision.
So that the young people we’re handing this planet over to will be excited about it.
We need to look up… and out, for them.

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