Welcome to Think Self-Love!

Begin your journey to greater self-love.

Welcome to Think Self-love!  You are beginning a very exciting journey to greater self-love by thinking with self-love and talking to yourself with compassion, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness … all the good stuff!

You are lovable.  I am so glad you’re here!  Please feel free to email me with any questions using the form at the bottom of this page!

Welcome: Listen to this first!

by Jeanne Nangle | Welcome to Think Self-Love

We need self-talk that allows us to feel and let go.

And the best way to grow in self-love is talking to ourselves with honesty, self-compassion and self-acceptance.

Loving yourself enough to feel what is true.

Our feelings ALWAYS need our attention because repressed emotion stays in the body and causes all kinds of problems. Remember the body and mind are connected!

Our thoughts affect everyone around us.

Thoughts are energy, meaning our thoughts have an energy vibration that can be felt in the body and in the world around us.  When we are feeling low energy, stressed, worried, etc. our thoughts can quickly shift our energy.

What we think about gets bigger!

Those things we focus on get bigger in our minds. If we focus on who is here for us, we feel loved. If we focus on what we HAVE, we feel abundant.

There is a balance of thinking positively and feeling what is real.

The secret sauce of self-love is: Balance feeling your emotions while using the power of thought. This is tremendously powerful because it allows us to heal the past while moving us through it and on to something better! 

Jeanne Nangle

Soul coach and self-love expert has empowered thousands of people to grow in self-love, and she is sharing her totally LOVING self-talk with YOU! 

How It Works


You’ve already joined Think Self-Love.  Good for you!  Now you’re taking this very significant step towards loving yourself.  By listening regularly to loving, compassionate examples of how to talk to yourself in just about every situation, you will talk to yourself in a much more loving way!

Listen regularly!

Listen just 5 minutes a day to one or more of the self-loving topics and you will be ingraining this new way of thinking and speaking to yourself that is much more nurturing, honest, compassionate, and accepting.

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Go to your favorite podcast app like Apple, Spotify or whatever you use and copy and paste the RSS link you received when you signed up!  Just listen from there!  OR, if you prefer, sign onto my website, you’ve created the password, and listen from here!  Either way, it’s easy!

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