What Are Soul Vibes? How To Get More Of Them: 4 Ways!


In a world where vibes are everywhere and everyone wants good vibes, where do soul vibes come into play?

Many of us want to be cheerful, yet we’re bogged down by our hectic, stress-filled lives.

As a soul coach, and lover of the soul and good vibes, I’d love to clarify how you can bring these special vibes into your day.

You want a richer, deeper experience of life. You want to feel it.

Let’s understand soul vibes: what are they and how to get more of them.

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What are soul vibes?

Soul vibes connect you to the deeper aspects of life.

Soul vibes are any vibration that connect you to the soul.

Old souls have soul vibes coming out of their ears!

Any person, place, or thing that helps you feel your true self creates soul vibes.

Soulful people, soul music, soul food, spiritual places, nature, and art would be examples of this.

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How To Get More Soul Vibes Into Your Life

Here are 4 ways to connect with this deeper part of you, so you’ll be vibing on a soul level.

And there is a scientific basis for the good vibes you’re feeling.

1. Be around soulful people

Soulful people are drawn to self-knowledge, personal growth, and the soul.

Soul searching comes naturally for them.

They don’t ascribe to belief systems that exclude other people.

They have an openness of heart and soul.

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2. Listen to soulful music

Soulful music connects you to the soul. It literally is soul!

You feel things you didn’t know were within you.

Soulful music wakes up your senses and speaks to the soul.

3. Go to spiritual places

This can be out in nature, soulful restaurants, churches that DON’T exclude people for what they believe.

Basically, places that hold sacred the human spirit.

Condescending and judgmental belief systems that exclude particular groups of people, do not elicit soul vibes.

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4. Create or appreciate art

Creative expression comes from the soul.

To create it or be around it, puts you into the high vibration of creation and beauty.

One artist I worked with created paintings for hospitals. She kept her thoughts clear and focused on healing while painting.

Patients and visitors often commented that when they looked at her art, they felt her clear intention.

Yes, that’s the power of good vibes.

Soulful books will also create good vibes for the soul.

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Final thoughts

There are two things that are life expanding and life affirming: the soul and a high-vibe life.

By putting yourself in touch with both of these aspect of life, you’ll raise your own vibration.

For more information about good vibes, raising your vibration, and soulfulness, go to Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach.

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