What Is My Destiny? 15 Purpose Questions And More

what is my destiny

Destiny is such an exciting and compelling subject. We want a crystal ball that will give us clues to the most happiness.

We’re afraid we’ll make the wrong choices! We’re afraid we’ll screw up!

As soul coach, who thinks about the soul pretty much most of the time, I have extensive expertise to help you uncover what is meant to be for you.

You’re wondering, help me know… what is my destiny? 

This article will explore what is my destiny… and give you focused questions to ask yourself that will point you in the right direction.

Step into your destiny

Life is about learning and growth

When is comes to what is my destiny... the soul is here to learn lessons and evolve

There’s no simpler way to put it. 

That’s the high-level perspective of what your purpose or destiny is.

But, here are some guideposts to help you create the life you desire, transform, and choose the right path to your destiny.

While personal transformation takes courage, it’s what we need to do, to be who we’re meant to be.

Answers for choosing a career

  • How do I want to share my unique talents and gifts? 
  • What are my talents and gifts? 
  • What is fun for me?
  • As a kid, what was I interested in? 
  • What’s come naturally to me since birth? (or childhood)
  • What knowledge and wisdom did I have that was obvious early on? 
  • What role did I play with my family and/or friends?
  • What calling do I feel?
  • What interests have I had that I didn’t learn from my own life?

Answers for choosing a partner

  • Am I happy when I’m with this person? 
  • Does this person bring out my best?
  • Am I my authentic self with this person or do I hide things?
  • Is this person open to learning and growing? 
  • Does this person support my learning and growth? 
  • Do we enjoy each other’s company?

What is my destiny?

No one can tell you your destiny because it depends on your choices. 

Your future is not set in stone.

But you may be wondering…

Is your future bright… filled with abundance, happiness, deep fulfillment, and success? 

Or, is it challenging… filled with lack, disappointment, and struggle?

In your life, will you be a leader, healer, teacher, or all of the above? 

No one can tell you that you’ll be A, B, or C.

For example, you’ll be rich , in the royal family, and you’ll change the whole world. 

Nope, they can’t tell you that.

They can tell you… You’ll style people’s hair, have 3 kids, and one of them won’t like you. 

No matter how many quizzes you take… your future is not set in stone.

what is my destiny

What choices should you make?

However, you want to make the choices that will result in the greatest happiness.

And, you want to use your unique talents and gifts.

But how do you know which way to go?

But, how do you know if we should choose this career or that one? 

And, how do we know if we should choose this person or that one? 

You must get to know yourself on a deep, soulful level. That deeper relationship will uncover the best choices for you.

It takes some time… but finding yourself is worth your valuable time.

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What is a calling?

What is a calling?

In the book Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life by Gregg Levoy, he defines calling beautifully…

A calling is an organism, a living entity, with an animus all its own. It exerts a centrifugal force on our lives, continually pushing out from within. It drives us toward authenticity and aliveness, against the tyranny of fear and inertia and occasionally reason, and it is metered by the knocking in our hearts that signals the hour. ~ gregglevoy.com

What a jaw dropping description of what moves within us.

I’ve given this book to people in their 20’s as a gift, as I read it in my 20’s and this book is life changing.

Gregg Levoy elaborates on how to recognize a calling. I highly recommend this book.

One of the clearest signs of calling I recall is having a feeling to do something that doesn’t go away over time.

The calling doesn’t go away when you hit opposition. The calling stays by your side.

True calling stays with you in spite of obstacles and over time.

Step into your destiny

A soulful look at calling

His way of describing that thing that pulls you… feels like the soul.

When you have this deep, soulful feeling, that is NOT from ego gratification, and not from anything to do with the mind… but it feels like something you know in your deepest self that it is right for you… this is the feeling.

It’s not easy to describe… that deep knowing.

But… you must be someone who has done their work and knows this deeper aspect of themselves.

And frankly, I’ve had people say to me: I just knew… and yet, they didn’t.

So, it’s art more than science.

Finding yourself and what to do with your life can sometimes be through trial and error.

And seeking soul guidance will help you uncover the answers you seek.

What you feel you MUST do

What do you need to do with your life… so badly that if you don’t you’d feel incomplete? 

Without it, your life would feel unfulfilled.  

Your soul would feel unexpressed… 

This is the saddest thing to think on your deathbed.

In Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel, The Death of Ivan Ilych, at the end of his life Ivan Ilych asks himself the deeply disturbing question…

Was my life all wrong?

Was my life all wrong?

I write more about this story in my post, 5 Powerful Ways to Be Your True Self.

I can’t imagine a sadder end to life.

To think that you lived for all of the things you’re “supposed to”, success, money, family, the right relationships… and yet, it feels like you lived the wrong life.


This reminds me of self-help author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer’s quote, Don’t die with your music still in you

What is fate?

Various dictionaries state define fate as, the development of events beyond a person’s control.

Meaning… fate says we can’t control it… it’s gonna happen.

Sorry, no way.

In my decades of research about the soul, I’ve not found any credible source stating this is true in life.

A more accurate description would be this:

It is your destiny to learn certain lessons and do certain things… and it depends on your free will.

Whether they happen or not depends on your actions, thoughts, and choices.

Again, because it bears repeating… the future is not set in stone.

destiny today

Free will or destiny?

The award winning Netflix show Indian Matchmaking is so good, I can’t look away.

In season two, Viral Joshi is talking with Aashay, who Sima Auntie has arranged for her to meet. I love how Viral’s mind is stimulated as she asks, “Is it free will, or is it destiny and you just take that path?”

But, it’s not really one or the other. Here’s one way to describe the relationship between free will and destiny:

Our destiny is there before we are. However, we determine when we will fulfill our destiny with our choices or free will.

It’s only a matter of time.

So, the possibility is there, within you. However, your choices day by day affect how and when you will fulfill what’s possible in your life, your destiny.

However, try to not be too much in your head about these choices. Innate power doesn’t come from overthinking.

A big part of living with self-love, and living as a spiritual being, is to focus on learning, healing, creating, and expanding… not analyzing.

Focus on learning and creating to ultimately produce the results you desire.

Step into your destiny

Destiny is what’s possible

Your destiny is the possibilities for you, not the inevitable outcome.

Knowing pieces of your destiny can be extremely motivating.

I wrote a book over 10 years ago about destiny.

A caterpillar is destined to be a butterfly.

But, she must overcome her fear and doubt and grief to arrive there.

Yes, when she’s born, it’s her destiny to be a butterfly.

But, it won’t happen unless she makes choices and takes actions that move her toward that possibility.

Please see my article on my spiritual blog with great books and websites to help you on your quest.

You want a happy life

We all want a happy life. We want to feel positive emotions.

But, we don’t all know HOW to be happy.

Many books are written on the subject.

Many feel that money will make them happy.

But, we’ve seen that strategy fail time and again.

Count on this future…

In general, it is your destiny to love yourself.

It is your destiny to love others.

It is your destiny to make the world better.

It is your destiny to overcome your fear and share your unique talents with the world.

It is your destiny to learn from the past and stop repeating the same mistakes.

It is your destiny to understand the value of hard work.

You know you’re on the right path when you are more self-loving and authentic.

You’re on the right path when your true self is showing up.

The right path is one where you judge less (hey, we’re all a work in progress), focusing on yourself and your path.

Step into your destiny

Final thoughts

For many, it’s hard work to be happy and fulfilled.

We hope that with each passing year we will do better.

However, we have a past to heal, and lessons to learn, so this takes some time.

It’s OK!

And, you will reach your destiny eventually.

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