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Whatever IT was.

You want to make the most of your life, right? So you can say you did it, whatever IT was.
So that at the end you can say…
I lived MY life.
And did it.
And that’s a big one, isn’t it?
To be able to say… you did it.

Whatever IT was.

Because, what people say over and over is:
I’m afraid I’ll never do what I always wanted.  
Will I ever have the kind of love I want? The problem is…
And leaves us giantly disappointed.
Like most people, as a kid I was soooo ME.
A jungle gym flying, play writing, weirdish girl who did stuff.
I just did it.
I didn’t care if I failed.
Kids don’t care.
Then, somewhere along the way I got careful.  
There’s dozens of tiny events.
The father in law who said:  “Who’d listen to you?”
The system that says:  Stay at IBM and get the gold watch.
The wounds that tell you:  You don’t deserve love.  


At the end of people’s lives they wish they’d been braver.
It’s that simple.
But there’s work to be done so that you can be brave.
Sometimes you need help to be your true self.

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