who am I?

Who am I?

Do you ever wonder: Who am I?
Sitting here at my laptop after rearranging my office for the third time this year, I’m picturing Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. 
She had a cool desk arrangement.
I wanted to sit at that desk.
So finally, I have my desk looking all cute and thrown into the middle of the room in a decorator kind of way.
Where I will hopefully begin typing amazing words from my soul that express what’s in my heart.
But, getting it right takes time.
Anyway, we all experience an authenticity crisis at some point in life.
Usually around age 40.
Or later.
And for some of us (ME)… it revisits quite often.


This crisis boils down to 3 questions:
1.  Who am I?
Or, who the hell am I?
(Hell is added when we’re seriously doubting things.)
2.  What am I doing here?
Or, what the hell am I doing here?  
And here’s the where the rubber meets the road question:
3.  Will my life measure up to what I thought it would be?

Authenticity crisis equals who am I?

That’s an authenticity crisis right there.
Where we ask that fateful question: Who am I? 
It’s a brave question to ask.
Because for now, this is the one life you’ve got.
And the very idea of not living fully…
Well, it’s a horrible idea right?
No one wants to think their life was a waste.
Or under-lived.
Like you didn’t experience what you were CAPABLE of.
It’s why the Leo Tolstoy story I wrote about a couple weeks ago is so chilling.
So, for you, so that your life IS lived fully…
Expressed fully.
And you’ll walk your truth by being true to yourself.

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