Who is on your team?

I have a team I like to call Team Jeanne.

You have a team like this too. Your team is called: Team YOUR NAME.

My team consists of anyone and everyone who supports me on my path.

Both here AND … not here. You get the picture.

Your team reminds you of your place in a much larger context.

I love thinking about Team Jeanne because it reminds me of the vast
resources at my disposal.

If you may find this a bit … self-involved? Let me assure you, it’s the opposite.

It is surrendering to my place in a much larger context.

And reminding myself that I’m not alone.

It reminds me that I am loved.

It reminds me that the support I need to fulfill my potential is right in front of my face!

Right in front of my face!

I am so happy to know this Team exists. Thank you is all I can say.

I invite you to BUILD your team. They are right in front of YOUR face waiting to be called in!

They are ready with a good idea, a helping hand, a good hug, a loving word, a warm feeling, a great memory … you name it.

The support, the resources, the ideas at the exact right moment, it’s ALL right here.

Our job is to notice it.

And receive it. Receive it. Receive it … with gratitude.

And here’s the best part:

Your team loves you … even if some members wouldn’t necessarily use those words:)

That’s ok.

Not all of us go around saying I love you all the time:)

Your team are people who help you: love yourself, respect yourself, have compassion for yourself, and forgive yourself.

Anyone else, kick them off the team!!

Send them to right field, no better yet, send them to the dugout! Good-bye!

We all have a team, thank goodness. My humble suggestion is this:

Invite them into your daily life.

All of the help you need is right here.

Yet another piece of proof … you are worth it.

#self-love, #purpose

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