Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

You have the power to think differently.

We are all thinking constantly. Overthinking life. 

It’s been measured that humans on average think around 60,000 thoughts a day.

That’s a lot of thoughts. A lot of overthinking.

So don’t try to run away from them!  Instead, practice relaxing with your thoughts while improving their quality.

One way to relax with your thoughts is to notice them without judgment.  As we observe ourselves without judgment, we are developing a more loving relationship with ourselves, and tapping into our personal power. 

You can stop overthinking.

What do you do when the negative, self-doubting, fear-based thoughts keep coming? First, remind yourself that you have the power to think differently.

You really do. Then notice what you are thinking about.

Just notice without judging. Look at your thoughts as though you are not attached to them.

They are just thoughts and can be changed in any moment.

Are these thoughts true?

Then ask yourself if these thoughts are true? Are they?

Is what you are thinking about, worrying about, going to happen?

Or are you thinking about the worst possible scenario? Over and over again? If you realize your thoughts are false, tell yourself that. “I know such and such isn’t true. I know it probably won’t happen. I’m just afraid it’ll happen.”

Then, consciously choose better thoughts.

Choose thoughts that are worthy of your greatness.

You are a human being capable of unlimited change and growth. Believe that, because it’s true.

And if you don’t believe that yet, tell yourself you are developing your greatness.

Because you are. We all are.

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