I’ve been re-reading my book, The Butterfly Silhouette lately … and feeling touched by my confused and lost … and very brave caterpillar.
The richness of this metaphor STAYS with me all the time.
Because a caterpillar is destined to be a butterfly.  It’s written in the stars.
This weepy looking insect turns into a magnificent, flying example of transformation.
Of emerging into something new.
And finding your place in the world.
Or your next place. 
Yet, the road getting there is a winding one at that.
My earnest, afraid caterpillar is terrified of the unknown.
And doesn’t want to fail.
Yet, the caterpillar goes on this journey outside of the garden.
And takes that giant leap of faith … or that giant crawl of perseverance.
All sixteen legs are in.
My caterpillar knows something more is out there and she must know what that is.
This time fear of the unknown doesn’t matter.
The caterpillar finds her courage …
Then, leaves what is comfortable to go out into the world.
Where the caterpillar discovers self-love and her place in it all.

#self-love, #purpose, #yourplaceintheworld