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5 Great Ways to Soothe the Soul… And Be Happy

Ever felt like you’re just going through the motions, missing that sensational spark of joy?

These days, our souls are bombarded with stress, negativity, and overwhelming emotions. It’s a problem many of us face, yet few know how to address effectively.

As a soul coach committed to helping people find happiness within the soul, I offer insights you probably haven’t thought of.

You’re seeking not just temporary relief but a deeper, lasting peace. You yearn for methods that resonate with your soul.

In this article, I reveal five transformative practices that do more than just soothe the soul. They unlock a state of contentment, worthy of a soulful life.

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5 Great Things to Soothe The Soul

You will soothe the soul as you give it what it needs.

  • Emotional expression
  • High-vibration thinking™
  • Self-expression
  • Good, positive material
  • Quiet time
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1. Pay attention to your emotions

It soothes the soul when you pay attention to how you feel... because your soul wants to evolve.

As you feel, you heal. And that’s good for the soul.

That’s the way the body works. In my post on 32 emotional release methods I offer a lot of good advice on how to move emotional energy out!

In addition to doing some kind of regular emotional release, that includes crying, journaling, expressing your emotions, etc., be emotionally aware.

Meaning, pay attention to how you feel by asking the simple question: How am I feeling? Am I vibing with this person, this place?

Then, drop into your body and see! Your soul will benefit:)

Actually, this is music for the soul.

As you do this you’re healing, you’re moving OUT old accumulated emotional energy and your soul needs you to do the emotional work.

2. Think high-vibration!

It’s soothing to the soul to think high-vibration.

I speak extensively about the power of thought, I’ve written a book on the subject and I’m passionate about it!

Because your thoughts will either help you fulfill the soul … or not.

It’s not more complicated than that!

Your thoughts literally have a vibration frequency!

It’s why you’ll want to choose positive thinking skills , what I call high-vibe thinking™ that supports you, loves you, and guides your soul to your destiny.

To overcome the habit of negative thinking, here are 8 positive thinking exercises to help you.

I also recommend reading The Thought Store, about a fictional retail store in the future that sells thoughts in physical form.

The town is slowly dying from a made up disease called Solidification, where people turn into statues from negative thinking.

3. Self-expression is everything

Self-expression is essential to a fulfilling life.

I could write an entire book on this topic. But, let me start here: You must express what’s within you.

Are you wondering…. how do I know what my soul wants to express??

Excellent question!

This takes time and attention. Sit with the feelings of I MUST... sit with them over time and see if they stay with you.

When the soul has a longing for something, the positive emotions will stay with you.

4. Put in positive stuff

It will soothe your soul when you put positive material into your brain! Focus on what is life-affirming and gives you hope!

How much time do we spend with negativity? It’s so tempting for ALL of us.

So, balance it out…

Watch Survivor for only 10 hours in a row:)

Read and watch material (social media, TV, books, blogs… ) that makes you feel alive, excited, expansive, and hopeful... that’s what we’re going for here!!

Practice gratitude

As you practice gratitude, you’re putting in positive energy, which soothes your soul.

Clearly, gratitude is soothing, comforting.

Here are affirmations for gratitude to jump start your day.

When you’re feeling negative emotions, catch yourself and FEEL it first, then think of what you’re grateful for. This will most certainly soothe you and give you hope.

5. Make time for quiet

Quiet, meditation, turning off your mind, all of these things are the baseline for a spiritual life and will soothe your soul!

So, just try some amount of time each day. Even if its just a few minutes.

You can build up from there.

There is a lot of information out there on how to mediate or find quiet.

I love this book by Jon Kabat Zinn: Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life. It has everything you need.

You can even do a moving meditation. Where you’re walking or running and focusing your attention on your breath, what you see, what you hear from within.

It’s the focusing your attention part that’s the thing you’ll want to practice.

Be out in nature

It’s much easier to be quiet out in nature, one of the big advantages of nature.

Find a natural place, with few people, and listen to the natural environment. Hear the breeze, the birds, the trees, water flowing… it will definetly soothe your soul!

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I’ve come to believe that we’re each wired differently. It really depends on what your soul needs.

So, I went looking for anything that would validate my deep desire to express myself.

I was drawn to books, authors, people, and places that respected my unique soul and individual authentic expression. 

The way to know which way to go is to have a loving relationship with yourselfand trust where that takes you.

As I listened to the still, quiet voice within, this became clear to me.What you need to learn and grow is already within you. As you deepen your relationship with yourself and a higher power, the answers will unfold. You are a co-creator.

Soul-searching is good

You may be confused which way to go, which person to choose, which career, which house, etc.

So, how do you know the right path for you?

Soul searching is introspective time where you pay extra attention to what you need. I talk about that more in my blog post on soul-searching

That’s the nuts and bolts of being soulful. Paying close attention to what you need… on a deep level.

An example of the calling

Out of college, I worked for IBM selling computers. Was this a good job for me?

Absolutely.  I learned so many things in that world that I needed to learn for what I would do later. It was a stepping stone for my own destiny.

However, there was zero self-expression in that job. Unfortunately, I was speaking a language I didn’t know or care to know. 

Yes, in that work, I was learning about myself. I wasn’t thinking: how do I soothe myself!

However, after a time, the lack of expression, which I badly needed, forced me to quit that job. 

I needed to be doing something that would allow me to create something new. I was longing for deeper sustenance and for me it was clear: I needed expression. 

And, my soul needed to be seen.

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Symptoms of the unfed soul

In Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore, he writes about how the soul gets restless when we don’t pay attention to it. Some symptoms of ignoring ourselves include…

Loss of joy. 

We’re easily angry.

You feel blah and crappy.

Or, maybe you’re tired and depressed… to name a few ways that the soul tells us we need to make some changes.

It’s so good for your mental health to take care of the deep and still part of you.

Let your soul be your north star.

Sometimes the answers are so muddy that we just can’t see clearly. So let your inner knowing, higher self, genius, etc. speak to you. What you need to learn and give is already within you.

Overall, to connect with yourself, be soulful day-to-day.

What’s the difference between soul and spirit?

Many people confuse soul and spirit. These words appear similar and it depends on the context in which you’re using them. I talk about the soul and the difference in my spiritual blog.


Our relationship to our spirit and soul is complementary and non-conflicting.

Spirituality encompasses our relationship to a higher power, God, Source, the universe, spirit guides, guardian angels, and a whole host of other quality ways that spirit manifests.

The soul holds the outline of your potential. So, your soul holds what’s possible for you. And, the soul is connected to the spiritual world.

At the top of this post, under What is the Soul, is more detail about what the soul is specifically.

Soul in American English

Since you might be curious about what the dictionary has to say about the soul, here’s what the dictionary says:

The principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part.

Not bad, but this leaves me wanting more. You deserve a more specific, quality explanation of your soul, for this infinite and exciting aspect of you.

Final thoughts

It’s time to soothe your soul when you notice yourself being easily aggravated, overly aggressive, tired, or complacent. This happens because your soul is not being expressed. You’re holding back. Or, there’s something you’re not saying or doing.

When this happens, the soul is longing for expression. Being true to yourself is music to the soul’s ears and will soothe your soul.

As you give the soul the five things listed above, you soothe your soul.

Let the soul be your north star.

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