6 Great Ways To Attract Positive Energy From The Universe

attract positive energy

Have you ever felt like the universe is just not in sync with your vibe? Imagine flipping that around.

Despite our best efforts, many of us struggle with negativity, feeling like the universe is indifferent to our desires.

As a soul coach, I have years of experience guiding individuals towards spiritual and personal growth. And, I wrote The Thought Store about the energy of thought.

You’re here because you want to infuse your life with positivity and align with the universe’s energy.

In this article, we dive into 6 powerful ways to attract positive energy from the universe. These aren’t just tips, they’re life-changing practices that have proven effective time and again.

How to Attract Positive Energy from the Universe

You may feel like the universe doesn’t get you!? Here are 6 things to create soul connection and understanding between you and the universe.

How to attract positive energy from the universe? Here you go…

  • Lean into your sense of spirit
  • Raise your frequency
  • Connect with oneness
  • Keep healing your life
  • Love yourself
  • Practice gratitude

1. Lean into your sense of spirit

When you’re feeling disconnected, unsuccessful, lack of belonging, etc… you begin to wonder: Why aren’t I vibing with this world?

I don’t vibe with this universe!

In these moments you’re disconnected from your spiritual nature.

So, during challenging times, lean into your sense of spirit.

This is the part of you that is eternal, calmer, and sees things from a higher perspective.

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How to lean into your spirit

To connect with your spiritual nature: meditate, pray, be out in nature, use affirmations that remind you (see below), and read books and material that reminds you.

Recognize feelings of disconnection and not vibing with people as a cue to reconnect with your spiritual side.

As a spiritual being, your soul is eternal while the body is not. Care for your body, but don’t see it as who you are.


As a result of any self-discovery path you’re on, ask yourself if you’re are a spiritual being. It’s up to you!

You can decide this in a day if you want.

Or this realization can happen over many years. Or never!

But, as you own that you’re a spiritual being, when you’re having a rough time, lean into your sense of spirit.

Also, if you have a desire to connect with your soul and be a soulful person, that’s part of your spiritual nature.

2. How to raise your frequency

How do you raise your vibration frequency?

The universe is energy. That’s the basis for all of this information to help you attract positive energy from the universe.

To raise your vibration frequency, first, begin with your thoughts.

See below for suggestions because there are many other benefits of positive thinking.

Next, choose situations and people that are high vibration.

Surround yourself with people who are positive, supportive, and bring out the best in you.

And put yourself in situations that will lift you up.

The universe is energy

Because you don’t buy positive energy or positive things in a can:) But, you knew that.

Energy is everywhere… in your thoughts, feelings, places, situations, objects.

Energy from the universe is all around you and within you.

Positive vibes and negative vibes are around us 24/7.

For further reading on raising your vibration frequency, Wayne Dyer writes more about this in the Power of Intention.

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3. Connect with oneness

There is a layer of consciousness that’s vibing very high.


I’ve heard the terms oneness, unity consciousness, universal intelligence, etc.

The idea is that in this place of higher consciousness, you’re experiencing ultimate truths, connection to a higher power, positive energy, and that feeling of inner knowing.

You feel at one with the universe.

You’re part of a reality, that isn’t this reality.

You can experience this level of consciousness in meditation, dream states, and in dream visitations.

Furthermore, I’d describe it as a feeling of overall happiness, safety, understanding, and the feeling of being home.

If you’re interested in more information about dream visitations check out The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead: A Soul Traveler’s Guide to Death, Dying, and the Other Side.

4. Keep healing your life

Healing your life is a lifelong process and one of your main purposes in life.

We bring into this life an assortment of challenges and lessons. Then, we acquire more of those while we’re here!

As a result, we have accumulated emotional energy that we carry around. It’s healthy to express your emotions because we feel it to heal it.

Here are many emotional release methods to help you.

The more we move out negative energy and negative influences, we’re able to bring in more positive energy.

For me, as I have done the inner work of feeling sad, grief, and angry, using a wide variety of emotional release techniques and therapy, I have felt lighter and lighter.

We must do the work, there’s no way around it.

However, if you are feeling a lot of painful emotions that you can’t work through on your own, seek the help of a qualified therapist or counselor.

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5. Love yourself

There’s a lot of positive energy from the universe when you’re in a loving place… and it begins with you.

Dr. David Hawkins wrote Power vs Force: Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, and has created a model of the energy frequencies that he calls Levels of Human Consciousness.

On page 76, the first level is Shame at an energy level of 20. From there is Guilt at an energy level of 30.

He writes, “All levels below 200 are destructive of life in both the individual and society at large; all levels above 200 are constructive expressions of power.”

These paradigm is a fascinating explanation of how our energy frequency manifests in our lives. If we remain below an overall energy level of 200, with shame, guilt, fear, etc… we will not reach our potential.

So, the goal becomes, finding ways to raise our vibration! And this post gives you 6 ways to do so!

The feeling of LOVE is an energy level of 500… and yea, that’s way up there.

Below that, at an energy level of 400 is Reason. Above Love is Joy at an energy level of 540.

Power vs. Force book explains it beautifully and here is a further explanation: The Map of Consciousness Explained.

6. Practice gratitude

In addition, gratitude shifts your energy very quickly.

You cannot be both afraid and grateful at the same time. Gratitude outshines fear every time.

So, it’s good energy to be in a state of gratitude. Where you feel grateful as a natural part of life. I’m guessing you’re that way if you’re reading a post like this one.

But, when fear, anxiety and anger kick into gear, which they will because you’re human, then feel it to heal it first of course, then choose thoughts that support you… including thoughts of gratitude.

Please don’t go straight to gratitude because then you miss the opportunity to heal a real emotions.

Feel > Breathe > Stay there a bit > Choose high-vibe thoughts. (gratitude is high-vibe).

In addition, I keep a gratitude journal as well as a regular journey to keep clarity in my life.

Positive thoughts to raise your vibrational frequency

Every thought has an energy vibration. Every single thought.

And, positive thoughts and positive feelings create good vibes.

And there’s a science of good vibes… they’re real.

While negative thoughts and negative feelings create negative vibes.

Negative thinking or what I call low-vibe thinking could be part of the reason that you feel that you’re not vibing with this universe.

So, be mindful of negative vibes and negative thinking!

That’s thinking habit #1 in my book, The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life: Notice the quality of your thoughts.

Try these thoughts instead when you want to attract positive energy. You can say them to yourself or send positive thoughts to someone you love.

There is more to me, this situation, and this life.

I am a co-creator of what happens in my life.

I depend solely on myself and God for my happiness, security, and inner peace.

I am bringing in positive energy.

As I feel, I heal and bring positive energy to me.

I attract positive energy and positive people into my life.

I express gratitude for being a co-creator.

I take a gentle, deep breath and exhale.

I stay focused on the good that is coming into my life.

I am creating well being, vibrant health, and good things in my life.

I am vibing with this universe.

I spend time with people who raise my energy level.

I spend time in places that raise my energy levels.

I am bringing all good things in my life.

I radiate happiness.

My future is bright.

I live in the present moment where I am creating my future.

I am drawn to good energy.

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Final thoughts

Attracting positive energy from the universe sounds a bit woo woo… but it’s real.

We live in a universe based on laws of energy vibration, including our thoughts and emotions.

The good news is that if you feel like you’re not vibing with the universe, there are absolutely things you can do now to create positive energy and positive things in your life.

Remember, you are a co-creator in your life and as you master your own energy and bring in positive energy, more and more you will be vibing with the universe!

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